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Old 01-17-2019, 02:01 PM
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ThuribleOD ThuribleOD is offline
Join Date: Jan 2019
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1. Guild Wars 2 (probably a whole month of my life)
2. Lord of the Rings Online (at least 500 hours, probably more)
3. Grim Dawn (~400 hrs)
4. Pokemon X (~250 hours)
5. Champions of Norrath (100+ hours, but so long ago its hard to say for certain)
"Confession: I have read Pride and Prejudice about 200 times." - Kathleen Kelly, You've Got Mail
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Old 01-18-2019, 06:20 AM
Three-Headed Monkey Three-Headed Monkey is offline
Join Date: Apr 2018
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Both old and new

- WC3 / Frozen Throne (counting also custom maps like RPGs and TD maps)
- Diablo 2 / LoD
- Unreal Tournament (especially 2004)
- Counter Strike (all versions except GO)
- Dota2 (playing around 2,5k hours, watching stuff probably... a whole lot more)
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Old 01-23-2019, 09:28 PM
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Join Date: Jan 2019
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Arma2 OA (most of it with dayZ mod): over 8k hrs
GD: around 1.8k hrs
Fallout 3 and Skyrim: over 1k hrs each (mostly working on my own mods does that count as playing?)
Doom II: no idea but probably way over 1k hrs as well, been modding the hell out of (or rather into) this game since it came out.
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Old 01-24-2019, 02:02 PM
thegr8anand thegr8anand is offline
Join Date: Dec 2018
Posts: 8

Final Fantasy 8/9/10/12
Football Manager
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Old 01-26-2019, 08:46 PM
KillMeTender KillMeTender is offline
Join Date: Feb 2014
Posts: 88

Diablo 3 ~ 5k hrs (played a lot during vanilla, quit soon after RoS came out)
Gems of War ~ 2,5k+ hrs
Grim Dawn ~ 2k hrs

Call of Duty World at War ~ about 90 days total
Final Fantasy VII ~ no idea but a lot
Quake III Arena ~ countless hrs

Amiga 500
Fairy Tale (one of the best rpgs ever made, played so much my mom took the comp away)
Sensible Soccer
Stunt Car Racer
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Old 01-27-2019, 06:42 AM
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While I am waiting for forgotten god's to continue playing Grim Dawn my hours in it are high around 2k now I do think its my second most played game only due to the fact Persona 3 I still go back and play to this day since it's introduction on the ps2 and still am learning new stuff (Has had three different version's so can't quite add up all the hours.) Same goes for Persona 4 though only over two different version's (Keep in mind a typical first playthrough without new game plus of Persona 3 and 4 at a minimum is 60-80 hours I tend on the closer to 80 side rest could be around 40-60.) ...I suppose along with those three there's also Neverwinter Night's and Baldur's gate 2.
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Old 02-04-2019, 11:35 AM
Sarodikus Sarodikus is offline
Join Date: Feb 2013
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In no special order but all are over or close to 1000 hours:

Grim Dawn
Path of Exile
World of Warcraft (up till Lich King, after that zero hours )
Cities Skylines
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Old 02-20-2019, 10:20 AM
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Postmortem Postmortem is offline
Join Date: Jun 2018
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Civilization 5
Borderlands 2
World of Warships
Grim Dawn
World of Warcraft
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Old Yesterday, 09:01 PM
Dacar92 Dacar92 is online now
Join Date: May 2016
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Of all time?

D2: LoD - has to be first of all time
Civ 3 - spent so many hours "just one more turn!"
Morrowind - my first RPG - still play it
Oblivion - play it once in a while
Civ 2 - so old and dated it is hard to play now
Fallout 3 - still play now and then
Gal Civ 1 & 2 - haven't played in years
I have several hundred hours in D3 also. But haven't touched it in a few years now.
I also played a lot of the original Guild wars and also played WoW for about three years almost exclusively.

On Steam these are the top 5
Path of Exile - 1509 hours on record
Skyrim - 572 hours on record
Grim Dawn - 331 hours on record
Civ 5 - 225 hours
Fallout 4 - 165 hours
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