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Default Aether Apostate: Mythical Gildam Arcanum and Stormbox? Plus two more Questions.

Hi all

I am working on my third build now, just for general gameplay since I don't think I have enough good gear and knowledge for pursing gladiator crucible yet.

I was thinking about making an Apostate with Drain Essence and Stormbox with Allagast Arcane transmuter as main dmg dealers, and I saw that one of my old chars had this one in his stash: https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/7814
So I was wondering, if a third (1/3) of the elemental damage added to Stormbox will be converted to aether via Allagst transmuter, and can further be enhanced by +aether damage from gear, skills and devotions?

Storm box seems to fit the build fine with the transmuter and it also lowers DA of monsters which is nice. It will also serve as a devotion proc-er instead of Ill Omen. In the end, I will probably use a medal with necro skills, but I am still curious.

Another question: both drain essence and stormbox seems to work best against group of monsters, is there any skill in Necro and Inquisitor skill tree that can work as a single target dmg dealer?

Third and final question: Which of the exclusive skills would serve me most:
- Harbringer of souls have +Aeather damage and cast speed
- Aura of Conviction has physcal resist, offensive ability and reduced burn duration
- Master of Death has OA, DA and vitality resistance

I am leaning towards Aura of conviction since it seems to give the most overall mix of defensive and offensive stats.

Thank you for reading and your guidance
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