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Originally Posted by Gibly View Post
I should really replay Berlin. I do remember fragments like the city hub. You got missions from there. Some parts left a strong imprint like the part with cult and then entering some demonic realm. Going through the facility to fight the dragon after she got seperated into a body and a spirit in another body.

Can't really give a full overview other then those fragments hehe.
Your post tells me you explored quite a bit. I'd recommend a second playthrough though when you can find the time for it that is
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Originally Posted by Chthon View Post
Your post tells me you explored quite a bit. I'd recommend a second playthrough though when you can find the time for it that is
Currently streaming I am Setsuna. Was thinking about resuming an Shadowrun game and following it up with berlin and hong kong. wouldn't mind doing that. you can run through those games in 20ish hours if you know where is what.

But yeah with the first Returns I noticed some, minimal, chat options that could give you benefits depending on your charisma. So I often just made my character heavily invested in that. Grabbed Academic and Shadowrunner Etiquettes for some easy money early on. Quickly grabbed Security as well for mid/late game. Getting Corporate etiqutte seemed useless. You could negotiate for extra reward on final mission, but you'd never receive it.

Then there were exploration differences to check. With a robot you could enter certain areas others couldn't. There were 2-3 ways to do a few things.

However the conversation and other variations were minimal. So in 2 playthroughs you could've done pretty much everything that is worth it. After that it was more of different playstyles/builds I wanted to try.

The one I didn't like was the way how that "Dragon" trickster was. Sword and some magic just ... no. Drones, Shaman, Streetwarrior all worked great. The hacker was meh as well if he wasn't hacking.

I remember Berlin having mildly more depth though. But still it never felt as if the decisions you made really mattered. Still the environments and story is still fun and awesome to playthrough in all parts.
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