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Old 07-17-2017, 06:01 PM
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Default venom and key have inconsistent pick-up and stacking behaviour (bug?)

Hello everybody,

I would like to talk about a very unusual behaviour (which could be a bug).

Normally you can stack all items, which you unable to arm with, like potions, quest items like these slith-charms or materials.
Also normally you can pick every item in the game, as long as you have room in your inventory (if you do not have, you get a message, that the inventory was full).

There are two exceptions (as far as I know), which is the venom of manticore, which you need to collect during a quest for the black legion and the second item is called "A Strange Key". You don't really need more than one of each per difficulty, but you will need them on the next difficulty.
The key drops very infrequently, sometimes you visit these areas multiple times with the same character and get not a single one; another character will get 6!!! keys on the first attempt on the first difficulty (and you will not need more than 3, 1 per difficulty).
I think, it is very well advised to keep these keys, because of this weird drop chances and high variance (the venom drops fine, but it could be nice to keep them too to be able to skip the area on later difficulties to save some time), but here is the thing. It is unnecessary difficult to do so, because you can not pick up a second item before you stored the first in the stash.
The game wont tell you this, there is no feedback like the full inventory, you just can not grab it (you can click it, but nothing happens), while you have a copy of this item in your inventory.
You can stack them inside the stash, which makes this behaviour even more ridiculous.

I can only guess about the intention. Maybe you should not get more of these items than 1 per difficulty, if it is so, than this is indeed a bug, because I can get much more than 1.
If it was intended, that you can get more than 1 item, why is it so damn hard to collect them? Why not make them stackable, like the slith-charms?

Also the dropping behaviour of the key does not seem correct. It was today, that I got 6 of them on the very first visit of these 2 areas on the first difficulty. The character before got 0 on the first and on the second difficulty. If you know anything about statistics, than please have a look about the so called "variance", because this is not fun for most players and seems very wrong.
(it can be fun to get (to earn) something, which is rare. But if the game keeps you grinding for long time and in the end it "taunts and derides" you and giving you 6 copies, which you never need more than 3 of with the same character. This feels like a bad joke. Maybe I am wrong with this, but usually you can not trade these purple items, so you can not even trade the extra keys to somebody or mule them to another character, they are just useless and this is why it feels so bad)
If you do not have an idea about the variance and what I am talking about, just ask any math teacher, this would be offtopic otherwise.

By the way, the venom drops fine, I can't remember, that I ever missed it on the first attempted, usually it drops about 2 or 3 times in the area.

I am sorry, if this was no bug or was discussed elsewhere, but I searched the forums for the word "key" and did not found anything. And I believe, that the searching result should be correct.
If this is really not a bug, than please change the game and give some more feedback like a message, which tells you during the attempt to pick it up, that you already have this item or that you have already completed the quest. But I think most players would be very happy if you could just pick them up.

Thank you for reading, your patience and hopefully considering to do something about it.

Best regards
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Old 07-17-2017, 06:30 PM
medea fleecestealer medea fleecestealer is offline
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It's not a bug. Both of these are quest items. You only need one key for the quest so no you can't pick up another unless you put the first key in your personal stash. Since you need 3 venoms they will stack.

The thing with the key is that you often get it dropping before you actually get the quest which is probably why you see it drop more often sometimes, same as for the Slith necklaces. I often have 5-6 of those before I get to the Rover NPC who gives the quest. Still, odd that some are stackable and others aren't.
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Old 07-17-2017, 06:59 PM
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Originally Posted by medea fleecestealer View Post
Still, odd that some are stackable and others aren't.
If you need one you can have only one (fang, venom) whereas if you need several you can stack as many as you want (black legion insignas, slith necklaces).
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