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Originally Posted by Ashbinder View Post
May I ask why did the expansion stifle a lot of your drive? is it because expansions seem to have a way of breaking existing mods?

More or less every major update (i.e., non-Hotfix) results in mods needing to be made compatible with such an update. An expansion is almost a guarantee of that.

But more importantly, the announcement of an expansion implies some more "toys" to play with when it comes to modding. New skills in player-masteries (Drain Essence, for instance) or new skills in the hands of enemies (the various boomerang projectiles) offer new ways to exploit the system to create more intriguing mechanics in a mod. Knowing that there'll be new, cool stuff to work with kinda makes you question how much you want to make with the old, already-existing stuff. So, that's kind of why I'm 'reluctant' to pursue much modding right now.

Ultimately, however, Ashes of Malmouth was a little bit of a letdown on the modding front. It added a ton of new things, sure, but mechanically speaking there's not much else that could be tweaked in AoM to make things feel new or exciting or any more fun than they already were (that said, I am curious whether the arc angle of Drain Essence can be changed, and if so, I'd like to make a 360-degree channeled AoE Would probably find its way into Necrotic somehow). So, that's kind of why I was 'reluctant' to do any modding shortly after AoM released.
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Have you written a detailed story about Zenith somewhere? I feel like I saw it here long ago but I can not remember.

Thanks to ASYLUM we can now play Grimarillion again and there are people who want to know the background of Zenith, so if you have such a story I would like to write it on our wiki.
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