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Default 2h rifle attack speed bug

Currenty playing lvl 57 demo (pure demo) with 2h rifle (devil's musket, +28% aspd). With all the bonuses and buffs his Aspd is 165% with 2.94 attacks per sec. Fire strike i the main attack modifier.

However, quite often it feels as if the attack speed gets culled significantly for no reason, even when shooting a training dummy in town. It happens with all weapons that pass the 150%+ aspd. The timing between firing sounds gets longer, then shortens, then gets longer again. It is especially noticeable when using fire strike when almost out of mana.

Video: watch?v=8yPUV8GUoy8&feature=youtu.be

P.S: Grim dawn w/ Ashes expansion
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I don't see any difference. You're probably confused because of Fire Strike/No Fire Strike attack at low mana. If you look closely, you'll see that the attack speed is exactly the same in both moments, the only difference is the lack of FS every other shot, which confuses you.

I don't play Crucible.
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Yeah, it seems that the attack animation is slower for default attack (which happens at low/no Energy)

But Fire strike has no attack speed bonus, right?
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