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It feels a bit pointless to get cool looking gear when your character is basically a walking bubble anyway.

Preferably, the PFX will be noticeable, but not distracting or glaring -- special attention to detail should be taken where effects may overlap each other. If you have, for example, two buffs/auras which have a graphic centered around the PC (player character, toon, hero -- pick your poison) they should each be noticeable individually without too much overlap. This gets pretty tricky when you're high level and/or playing with friends; you may have half a dozen or more PFX going on at once. I agree with suggestions of powerful spells having more visually striking effects, since they are normally of shorter duration and less frequently used. A constant-effect aura, for example, could be a subtle set of light blue rings around the torso, or a small object orbiting the head, whereas an invulnerability shield could be a reflective/silvery bubble which only lasts several seconds.
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