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Originally Posted by Jaknet View Post
Oh yeah !!! just the sort of info the casual internet user is going to be running across
That's rather beside the point. Naturally not everyone is going to be aware of everything. The point is that it wasn't something that was suddenly done out of the blue with no forewarning.

Originally Posted by Jaknet View Post
Well if you haven't been running FF in the past with various addons and plugins then running without isn't really going to make any difference to you is it
Who says that I didn't use FF alot in the past? They made changes they felt they needed to make to remain competitive.

Firefox aims to win back Chrome users with its souped up Quantum browser

Can't say I blame them considering that most every browser has been on the decline since the arrival of Google Chrome.

Honestly I don't see what the big hubbub is about NoScript. Never used it. Never needed to. If one 3rd party addon makes or breaks a browser then I don't know what to say to you folks. Looks like they have adjusted and adapted to the changes tho https://noscript.net/ and are doing just fine and the Noscript author appears to be warming up to the changes.
NoScript, "Quantum" vs "Legacy" in a nutshell

For my own part, as far as quintessential addons go, uBlock Origin is all one needs.
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The death of these plugins was announced years ago, all good browsers are doing it. If you haven't heard something about this - like about flash which suffered the same fate as java - I have to wonder if we're using the same internet.
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