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Old 11-18-2017, 12:25 AM
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Default ATTN: Brothers and Sisters Of Grim Dawn!!

Hi Folks.

I don't do game forums. I don't do video game reviews. I own hundreds of games, and have played less than 5 percent of them. I love gaming, and love following the business, and the community, but largely as a spectator who supports with money, but rarely has as much time to play as I like.

Then Grim Dawn happened. This game is everything Diablo 3 could have been, except better. I have about 350 hours in, all on hardcore toons (all of which are dead, except for the latest one). I can see myself playing this game for a long time to come through many different characters. You can count on my dollars whenever you issue a release.

This is largely an introduction, and a keep up the good work sort of post.

However, Developers, two things that have stuck out at me from in the game, and they are two very small things:

One: After something is looted, can you kill the sparkle of it? Love the animation, don't love how it doesn't disappear. But this is a trifling matter.

Two: This one is important. Can you make lore text display properly at 4k resolution? If the UI scale goes past a certain point of increase, the text displays two lines, cuts off, and you cant scroll through it. This games lore is great, and I find myself actually looking forward to each bit of it (kudos) but as of now, I save up new things I find, and have to adjust the UI scale for a reading session once they are saved up.

This is not a huge problem. I mean, its a few clicks of mega first world problems, but I offer it all the same.

Third: Because I forgot until now, but also the mouse pointer. At 4k, I lose it a lot in battle. I would love to see it scale a little better, or, allow me to alter it or highlight the cursor better.

I realize this is part of the level playing field for all in the game, and as a result, understand it must be uniform and hope if there is a solution, you retain that uniformity. But that being said, at 4k, a bit bigger of a mouse icon would not be remiss.

Anyway, if thats all I have to bitch about at this stage, you folks are 9.9/10 on this, and if nothing changes, you can keep on taking my money.

Thanks. If there are other hardcore players out there interested in chatting, hit me up.

Also, does anyone know of any English speaking Facebook or social media Grim Dawn groups? I have thought of some hilarious Grim Dawn Meme's, yet I have no one to share them with :-(
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Old 12-06-2017, 09:02 PM
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Welcome to the forum. I would post your suggestions in the Ideas and Feedback section of the forum - devs will pick them up there, might not here.
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