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Old 01-13-2019, 02:31 PM
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Default [] Character Data Not Saving On Exit

At times character data does not save when exiting game to main menu. All changes made to the character and personal stash are being lost. Changes made to shared stash however are being saved.

Cloud saving is off.

It happens usually either at crucible or main game while the other game mode stays ok. So far I have seen it happen to 3 of my characters. Once I lost a stack of components after I put it on the faulty character forgot to return it to shared stash before quitting. But I recovered it by making sure one game mode is safe, putting another stack on the character, then waiting for the bug to happen again and entering the faulty game mode a few times and putting this stack to shared stash every time. Effectively, I can copy any item that is on a character whenever the bug occurs. To one character it kept happening in both game modes and it effectively became unplayable for a time.

It happens occasionally and persists for a while. It usually stops when playing the character in the game mode that does not experience the bug or quitting the game/rebooting system a few times.

It happens to characters that have never been modified by external tools.

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