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Default Which is the hardest Nemesis encounter?

Just asking for your opinion and the reasons why you think that this one Nemesis is the hardest.
"Wherever he wanders, he leaves literally a pile of corpses."
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Benn'Jahr takes the cake for me. I think he has the most spawn points and areas he can spawn in of any Nemesis but I might be wrong. Some of his areas are pretty wide to search as well (Ashen/Forsaken Wastes/Obsidian Throne).
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For me, Grava Thul in the Cinder Wastes

I find Cinder Wastes troublesome to stutter-step/kite with a controller and it seems like I spend most of my time concentrating on trying not to get stuck in one of the many vague nooks, rather than fighting.

Getting pinned is pretty risky with him (debuf and high damage), with my current character.

I might just crank the brightness in there soon. For now I'm seeing if much practice will prevail. Second level (Fringes of Saniity) is also bad for me with him.

He's ok everywhere else.

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