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What would be the best pet build in grimarillion?
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Not sure they're the best, but I've played with a Soothsayer (TQ's Spirit and Nature masteries) and if you want an undead army go for Grand Necromancer (TQ's Spirit/GD's Necromancer). Played mostly in Grim Quest though so not sure how well they do in Grimarillion.
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Originally Posted by computertech82 View Post
What would be the best pet build in grimarillion?
I didn't want this question to be ignored since Grimarillion has a new sticky.

The general strategy is to take a primary pet class and combine it with a primary support class that has a few necessary skills that give good bonuses to pets. Trying to use multiple primary pet classes will strain on your skill points, but depending on the equipment, it can be done.

The primary pet classes are Nature (GQ), Shaman (vanilla), Necromancer (vanilla) and D3 Necromancer (Grimer). A good pet build will have at least 1 of these classes. After that, it's a matter of combining it with a very good support class. GQ classes have the benefit of having medals with +1 to all skills in a class (or even 2 classes if you're willing to gamble / cheat them in) and a craftable Legendary ring gives some very good pet bonuses (Physical converted to Elemental damage) while also giving +1 to all skills. However, GQ equipment is only limited to level 75 or so, so pet stats may be lacking if you're only looking to them for your equipment.

Vanilla classes have the benefit of having level 94 sets (D3 classes also get this benefit too) while having it much more likely that a Primary pet ability gets to maximum overcap. Beastcaller's Set or Mythical Will of Bysmiel, when combined with the +All Skills rings, makes vanilla pet builds even better, as long as you can synergize pet damage and RR together.

I'm in the process of leveling up a main pet build to take through Ultimate, where I will then copy/paste TAS builds to show how extremely good they can get. Here's what I'll be trying:
  • Nature / Shaman with Arcanist using the Black Pendant rings for maximum conversion to Elemental
  • Summoner's Rod with Earth Class to have all Fire Swarmlings + Core Dweller. Second class would either be Occultist, Shaman, Nature, or even Demo depending on what other equipment I can incorporate in the build
  • Shaman / Nature with GQ Storm class for full Lightning Conversion
  • Both Necromancer classes for maximum skeletons + maximum fun
  • D3 Necro + Inquisitor for all the Inquisitor's juicy survival benefits + Aether RR and Physical damage converted to Aether

There's also GQ Spirit and D3 Witch Doctor classes, so there's even more possibilities I haven't even considered. There's no compendium, and I plan on making one when I finish up my main build, but we've barely scratched the surface on what's possible for pet builds.
NOTE: All builds that I post are directly created with GDStash (all valid prefix/suffix combos) for the purpose of testing and demonstrating what is possible.

Open to any PMs from those interested in playing pet builds.

Come see my Grimarillion build compendium at http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=79611
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Grimarillion continues in this thread:

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