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d3 and poe tho not these seasons
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D3 and Titan Quest for me
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Originally Posted by Trudel View Post
Ironhide is developing a new one.
Kingdom Rush 4 is still a long way off, gotta play Iron Marines for an RTS version of the tower defense game with the inclusion of the same ironhide humor in it.
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Also play CS:GO. I take part in tournaments at eSports platform here https://dreamteam.gg/csgo/teams with my team. I'm an amateur but want to become a pro one day and start earning money.
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I play Grim Dawn. In my spare time I play Grim Dawn. When I am bored of Grim Dawn, I play Grim Dawn. If my day is shit - I play Grim Dawn. If I am sad, I play Grim Dawn. When my day is the very best like none of the previous days ever were, I play Pokemon.

I sometimes happen to play games that made my childhood, like Fable Lost Chapters, Divine Divinity, Cultures series, Gothic series, Sacred (first edition), Titan Quest, older Pokemon games, like Emerald, Fire Red. I sometimes play newer games, but very, very rarely. Other games I finished, but didn't affect my life at all were Divinity 2 and Arcania, games I never owned but only borrowed or played once and never more or bought but never loved to play are Dragon Age, Sacred 2, Heroes series.
I did play some online games like Dragon Soul (an old RPG from like 2010 that died already), Silkroad Online (spent the most time in this game than in any other MMO or other kind of online game), 4Story, Asta (dead already), Archlord (dead already) and League of Legends when it was good like 6 years ago. Oh, I forgot about RNG-stone (Hearthstone). I am sure I forgot some of MMO's I've played.

Genre of games I love is RPG. ARPGs for chilling, RPG for action and rage building (in a fun way, not anger).

I don't play Crucible.
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Currently doing two side-by-side playthroughs with different party comps in Wizardry 8. Grim Dawn's RNG has nothing on Wiz8's, holy shit.
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Currently hooked on Super Daryl Deluxe.

Does the humour fall flat or is cringy as hell? Yeap, but the gameplay + art and animation make up for it, although certain quests are really opaque as hell as to what the solution is. Still bloody fun though and it's drawn me away from farming SoT in GD.
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After playing Sunless Skies for a while I figured I might as well try Sunless Sea again, this time following guides to avoid constantly dying. And now I'm hooked and already planning future trips out on the zee to find all the places. At least that is after I load up on sphinx stone to make some serious cash...
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Before begining Grim Dawn 2 months ago, I passed may hours on "Kingdom Come Delivrance".

This game have some bugs, but it was really nice. Middle age without Dragon or Elves, you have to test it
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My others games...

They're a lot but those I most appreciated:

Mostly MMORPG like WoW (10 years but I'm feeling nostalgic about vanilla/BC ), LOTRO, Rift, Aion, SWTOR, GW2 and TESO.

And some others: Skyrim <3 (Omg, I don't count the time spent!), Oblivion, The Witcher, Dragon age, Bioshock, Mafia II, Fallout, Starcraft II, Mass Effect + andromeda.

And... NEVERWINTER NIGHTS I (my first real game, all my youth...)

For now I play GD of course and Vermintide 2, over the years (not enough time) I managed to cool down and focus on quality
I do not speak English very well so please be tolerant but don't hesitate to correct me
ID steam: MadamePommeDeTerre (FR)

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