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Originally Posted by Avyctes View Post
It's not that difficult to create a build with permanent overguard. Might be a bit broken
Doesn’t the damage debuff from Markovian’s Defense effect retaliation? That would possibly render the damage bonus moot and more make it a way to reduce the damage debuff for the cost of having to use retaliation to do so.
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Hotfix is up. Crucible should no longer feel harder.
(which I also noticed, weird given how small the crucible changes were)
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Originally Posted by adoomgod View Post
weird given how small the crucible changes were)
Well, sometimes small changes in code give unpredictable effects.

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Any good vit conjurer builds now...I leveled my first toon as a pet build then tried out a vit/bleed conjurer along time ago and pretty much let him set there...did this patch revamp a possible build or do I just not know how to create a good build lol
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Originally Posted by AngmarDT View Post
You mean Mythical Will of Bysmiel (amulet) - and yes, i think it's the very tempting way to go for Conjurers-summoners.
Yeah, that's what I meant, I keep confusing the names.
The vitality conversion on the Lost Souls set amulet for the Hellhound is a nice touch too. Sure, Master of Death already does 25% conversion but a 100% is better, especially if you have 2 Hellhounds.
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Well, my suggestions about Mirror of Ereoctes and Mark of Torment nerf. Why just reduce their cooldowns back in exchange of some -%total damage, like overguard? Just add transmute and each person decide what he likes from these skills.
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Thank you for devotion search filter and we are still waiting a filter for components too please .

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Epics were left untouched, "Lazy devs".
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I've almost finished ultimate with SJ Elementalist and now Storm Totem got nerfed. Lightning builds weren't strong earlier and now they're even weaker. MoE with 40sec CD now can be only used as one-pointer panic button and many other skill "improvements" like RoH and Elemental Seal.

Lol, Crate really improve only legendaries (which most of you guys will never get in a fair way) while 99% epics are pure garbage same as MI. Well lets expect even more "reasonably powerful gdstashed builds".
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Originally Posted by Zantai View Post
Epic - Soiled Trousers: increased damage and reduced Energy Cost of the granted skill on all versions of this item
That's the shit, man! (complimentary)


(yes, I did miss the epics, I did miss the corruptor and mog set boost, so nope, double nope to the "lazy devs")
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