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Default [] Powerful builds of AoM era

UPDATE 11/07/18:
Added 2 new builds (casters): PB Reaper and RoH Infiltrator.
Need your help with crucible maps. If anyone knows how to do this please write to me. Info under the spoiler:

When you invest dozens of hours of leveling and farming you want to feel powerful, want to be able to beat all end-game content game has to offer.

The hardest game content by far is gladiator crucible. It is also very rewarding:
for 100-150 waves of gladiator crucuble you get 8 legendaries and other stuff (including rare MI items). This takes less than 30 min for these builds. And how much legendaries do you farm in the campagn in 30 min? One or two if lucky.

You can take a build from Build Compendium, but there are actually a lot of weak ones there and you will be very disappointed dying over and over again. Also, you won't find some of these masterpieces there.

The builds below are checked by myself in gladiator crucible to ensure that they are powerful and you won't be disappointed.

As I am frequently asked about best build for new players, here are some tips:

Builds to clear lvl 150-170 gladiator, in no particular order:
[Times are with 2 standard blessings (+damage, +health), no banners]

"Great tacticians learn that consistency often trumps potential." (c)

Arpg fans should know where this quote comes from. I added this quote to describe my way of playing/testing builds: I go for 90+% success rate in clearing crucible. If you feel like you are fine with less defenses of you're pushing for records you are free to make builds more offensive.

MATHS about PTH formula and new cap of effective DA:

Warning! Very serious picture under the spoiler!

Tips and thoughts about speed clearing. Gotta go fast!

Categories are nominal, all builds have very strong defensive skills and high DA. "Tanks" facetank all the time and "casters" don't.

Full Metal Tanks

1. S&B physical DoubleBlitz Commando by Jajaja [updated for]
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/m238aLqV [my latest version]
This build has been with me since autumn 2017 and it has seen a lot. Now its an easy to play working horse with lots of defenses. 17 min clear. Facetanking everything, except Kuba. Kuba is by far the worst enemy, not because he can kill us, but he heals too much, so we have to use both blitzes on him and then kite. Also "of Insight" suffix is a must on gear, otherwise you will run out of mana because mana leech does not work on bossses. Alternative - using Harp devotion, but that would make devotion points distribution suboptimal.

2. S&B physical cadence witchblade by Eddie_Alucard [updated for]
Ok, this is old. Very old. Clears very reliably, but the last time I did it on 2 blessings it took 25 min. So yeah, all his durability is kinda wasted nowadays, we don't need that much, modern builds are much faster.

3. S&B aether battlemage & death knight by Zhuugus [updated for]
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/pZrr4G0Z [new version]
Added new optimized versions of both Battlemage and Death Knight. Now they destroy crucible 150-170 under 20 min each (with 2 blessings). update: DK can now be more offensive and feel absolutely comfortable with it. 14min is the new clearing time with 2 buffs. Waves 160 and 170 are now not meant to be facetankable 100% of the time, kite a bit.

4. S&B physical tactician by Superfluff [updated for]
At first glance, inquisitor is inferior mastery for a physical build compared to occultist for example because it doesn't provide physical RR. However, the author somehow managed to overcome this with the help of deadly aim for damage and inquisitor seal for defence which allowed him to make more aggressive devotion choices. This just stands on seal and facetanks everything, including waves 160 and 170. Under 20 min clear time.

5. Gun'n'Shield purifier by Superfluff [updated for]
Don't think that this is a ranged build! Your pistol is in fact a shotgun and it should be used at point blank, this is how Aegis set works. The defenses are high to match this style of play, so you basically facetank everything, including waves 160 and 170. It resembles the purifier by actuanpanda from the shooter section but has considerably better durability. Clear times about 20 min.

6. Burn BWC purifier by blingi
...and another one! We've already seen burn casters here and strong purifiers too and very tanky casters as well. Well, this one has it all! I must admit, the recent buff to Aura of Censure was really big one. Because of the huge amount of DA and debufs from Censure, Flashbang and Searing Light this build can facetank even waves 160 and 170 with no sweat. And fire builds never had trouble with damage. Also we all know: when you don't kite you kill faster! 14min on average with 2 blessings and extra spawn. The is an excellent time on it's own, but then you remember that this build is nearly impossible to kill, so... yeah!

7. Two-hand physical forcewave tactician by Danko [updated for]
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/pZrrQMkZ [my latest version]
This is important! Forcewave soldier is probably the easiest most friendly build for beginners, which is also very strong and not gear-dependent. But two-handers had problems in 150-170, this is the first adaptation I saw that solved all the issues and made a forcewave build a reliable 150-170 farmer (17 min average). So now you can finish all game content even with your first build! If you ask why tactician instead of occultist (who has physical RR) I can answer that inquisitor seal provides extra defenses to be able to facetank absolutely everything and Deadly Aim and Arcane Empowerment compensate for the lack of physical RR. Plus if you want to build elemental forcewave version, tactician is better. update: works even better now. Still facetanks everything and clear times improved to 15min because we don't need that much DA anymore.

8. Internal trauma tactician by Autentist
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/d2jO9L4V [my version]
This is a tactician version of IT witchblade from the caster section. I added lifesteal, physical RR and DA. Despite being mostly DoT build it facetanks pretty reliably standing on the inquisitor seal. Compared to witchblade it is slightly more gear-dependant and slightly easier to play. Clearing time is the same as witchblade - 18min.

9. Fire forcewave tactician by Autentist [updated for]
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RVvKGdzZ [my new version]
[] update: Still great as expected, 11 min on 4 blessings. I optimized my version, now it's better than ever! Note that like in all forcewave builds "of Insight" suffix helps a lot with mana sustain.

10. Vitality Blood Knight DK by Superfluff [updated for]
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/aZqKX0m2 [my version]
Here comes the new set! Death Knights received a second very strong build for lategame (in addition to Krieg). This outheals tons of damage, Counter Strike is doing wonders. But I still find my version with more DA better - just to play safe and don't worry about anything. Clears in 14 min with 3 blessings.

11. Fire forcewave commando by Zhuugus [updated for]
2H forcewave commando is best commando! Seriously, this is 11 min on 4 blessings, which is far better than any other commando type I know. I even deleted my kiting dot commando, cause nobody needs his 20min runs now and sorcerer or purifier are a lot better at being burn casters.

12. Elemental forcewave tactician by Superfluff [updated for]
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eZPLE4jZ [version by Mator]
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2d5o1QV [my version of Superfluff's build]
Superfluff loves to play fragile builds! Luckily, this one can be easily changed into carefree tank, what I did in my version and still 11 min clear on 4 blessings. Nearly doubling effective hitpoints, but losing like 5% damage? Yes, please! Unless you're after every single bit of damage ofc! Note that like in all forcewave builds "of Insight" suffix helps a lot with mana sustain.
Version of Mator comes from DA era, now you don't need that much DA, so Superfluff's version is much faster.

Beefy Casters

1. Fire/aether triple-meteor sorcerer by JoV
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/r2BoBjzV [author's new version for waves 150-170]
This one is pretty old, haven't touched it since december 2017. I think it still gets the job done, but there are stronger and easier to play builds now. I'll update it when I have free time.

2. S&B internal trauma witchblade by Actuanpanda [updated for]
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lV7MlpON [my version]
Boy, haven't touched it for so long! Originally, this is a kiting caster. But I thought: what the hell? - and turned it into a tank I use Gladiator's Distinction belt to convert all vitality from Scales of Ulcama devotion and Kilrian's Soul component into physical so they can provide a great healing source (just like in my mortar defiler). This means we don't have to kite anymore, everything is facetankable. This is not that fast on it's own, so you need 2 blessings and Vanguard banner to reach modern standards of clearing under 12 min.

3. Burn BWC sorcerer by x1x1x1x2 [updated for]
Finally I've tried the new version of this build, after like 6 months or so. Still a kiting caster, still gets the job done. However, to reach modern standards of clearing under 12 min it definitely needs 2 blessings and Vanguard banner. This build is totally fine if you like playstyle of a kiting caster, but overall there are stronger and easier to play builds now.

4. Poison DEE witchblade by Drizzto
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/vNQRvbv2 [up-to-date version by Pyroscar]
Look, a reverse witchblade! Instead of going full soldier with only 3 skills in occultist is does the opposite! I had my own version with Aeon's Hourglass and Black Star of Deceit instead of Manticore, but after testing I concluded that Pyroscar's version is better than mine because it is cheaper, has Mark of Divinity and generally survives easier. He posted like 10 versions of it in the comments, I chose the one with devotion setup I like most. What I don't like in his version is the helm, I think helm from Dreeg set is better (for +2 to skills) and I find Haunted steel and Restless remains useless, I use Seal of Blight (and Arcane spark to be able to use seal's active skill sometimes). Btw, the rings are a major part of your damage, without them you will lose 25-30%. Clears under 25 min.
Update: with Dreeg's full set bonus was finally made properly, so now you should use full Dreeg.

5. Bleed witchblade by x1x1x1x2
"My blood thunders within me!" (c)
I played a bleed warder long time ago and it was a real PITA. This one, however, is so easy, so smooth. The sight of Kuba and Reaper bleeding to death while I'm just running around fills my heart with warmth and joy. Add Arcane Spark or you'll have some mana issues. Just 25 min of hanging around with this one and you can get away with your puny reward of 5 legendaries.

6. Lightning warder by Pyroscar
This tanky caster is the reincarnation of Pyroscar's vindicator which was good at farming 100-150, but is not that good in 150-170 (can't tank even standing on seal). Warder is much more defensive as a mastery combo (Menhir's Will, Overguard) plus the author used the massive DA approach of chinese guys. With 4700 DA it can facetank almost anything (waves 160 and 170 are not facetankable obviously) and even though duration of electrocute damage is short it doesn't take long to melt down 160 and 170 while kiting. Average time of 18 min with 2 blessings and extra spawn.

7. Physical battlemage by Superfluff
Spellscourge always seemed garbage to everyone - physical devastation does not provide enough damage by itself and if you support it with weapon-based skills like Cadence or Blitz it feels clunky and meh. But Superfluff has found an elegant solution to this - Beronath sword with its conversion and Stormfire which becomes full physical this way. This is a perfect choice, now it works just right! Thanks to Time Dilation you'll sit in permanent Overguard and also be able to use Mirror very often. This is the only battlemage I know that can compete with aether Krieg one. About 20 min clear. Physical damage is goooood.

8. Mortar purifier by Cmak414
Incredibly strong build. Even after months since AoM release people still come up with such great concepts, I'm amazed. I thought mortar was a useless skill, boy I was wrong! When built properly all these mortars tear everything into shreds - with some help from Stormfire. In Aura of Censure got a buff, it allowed author to make a better devotion points distribution. It can clear 150-170 in 14 min average and thanks to 5k DA and inquisitor seal it is super durable - your life is easy and relaxed, facetanking nearly anything. You have to do some kiting on 160 and 170 though - just to step away from dots and multiple boss focus - you're not a full tank after all. Btw, capping resists can be hard, I even had to sacrifice some DA and take Sylvarria's Essences.

9. Trozan druid by HoneyBadger
It's pretty mysterious, but I've never seen a really strong druid before. Yet here is one! Completely facetanks everything in 100-150. However, after 150 you have to be careful and kite all the time. The key mechanic to surviving is abusing cooldown reduction with Mirror and Time Dilation (surprise, surprise, huh). You can spend a TON of time hiding in invincibility from mirror. In 160 and 170 your tactics would be: kite - stop and pop mirror - facetank the crowd for 3 sec - kite again right until mirror is off cooldown again. Another thing that helps you a lot is Ishtak devotion, which also synergises greatly with your CDR. About 20 min clear time. Btw, I tossed 2 Ravager's Eyes in there for more DA.
P.S.: these handguards look really badass, love 'em!

10. Physical mortar defiler by Zhuugus [updated for]
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/r2BOzJJV [new version]
I've had this dream for a long time: making a defiler for 150-170. Main problem was that defiler is probably the worst class in the game and is nearly unplayable. So you should imagine this is a very exotic build! I should thank Cmak414, because I took idea from his mortar purifier.
After DA was nerfed in [] this needed a reliable source of sustain. And I found one! I use Gladiator's Distinction belt to convert all vitality from Scales of Ulcama devotion and Kilrian's Soul component into physical so they can provide a good healing source. It works! I also made this much more damage-oriented, which definitely helped with clearing times. 12 min on 4 blessings, 10 min on 2 blessings + Vanguard banner. Since patch [] Mortar Trap has projectile speed increased by 33%, so now you are able to kite in circles around monsters and mortars won't miss every shot anymore.
Remember that this is a defiler, leveling it is PITA, don't even try it if you don't already have all the items, particularly Beronath sword. In other words: absolutely new-player-unfriendly. But still, this sucking class that received zero love from devs with this particular build can be on par with the tough guys. Defilers still need massive support from devs, this one is pure exotic, it represents words "overcoming" and "despite" in GD.

11. Vitality decay cabalist by THT
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RZRnRXOZ [my version for 150-170]
I noticed that there are no builds with Dark One's Gift set in 150-170 section, so I decided to fix that. This is the old vitality decay build by THT adapted to the new conditions. Cabalist and this set do not allow you to gain high DA, but since it is a vitality build it compensates by having very high life leech through vitality devotions and skills. Clears in about 20min.

12. Cataclysm elemental deceiver by Superfluff
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/pZrrEAMZ [my first version for 150-170]
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2EjOqmV [my second version, same clear speed but safer]
Freshly buffed Cataclysm set is awesome if you know how to cook it! Original version destroys 100-150 in 25-27min, but unfortunately it lacks defenses to clear 150-170 safely. However my adjustments fixed that, now it finishes reliably in 16 min. Second version is even safer and is based on Chthon's vindicator (next build), cause I liked his gear and devotion choices more. Btw, my respect to Superfluff for making it a deceiver, which is one of the weakest classes, so strong.

13. Cataclysm elemental vindicator by Chthon
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/O2GpP4JV [my version for 150-170]
Chthon made his own cataclysm build. I liked his devotion and gear choices a lot, 100-150 took 20-22min. But still had to make adjustments for 150-170: these add you more OA, which fully compensates for the ring procs (even better if you ask me) and massive extra 600 DA, which is huge in crucible. This build finishes even faster than Superfluff's deceiver - in 13 min, but let's not forget that vindicator is far stronger class than a deceiver.

14. Trozan druid by veretragna
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/pZrrqk5Z [my version]
This is another approach to trozan druid. It uses DA instead of chaining MoE. This is more passive way of playing, for those who don't like to press buttons a lot. In my version I took Seal of Skies for its great skill and maxed Storm Totem and Maelstrom for more damage. Plus Ravager's Eyes. 16 min clear as a result.

15. Cataclysm sorcerer by mad_lee
A good example of a class that doesn't need super high DA nor super rare green items to be very effective. CDR, Mirror, Warpfire, burn damage, kiting - a well-known reliable recipe of success. Also accompanied by not-so-long-ago-buffed Cataclysm set, which proved to be very effective. 16 min clear time.

16. Mage Hunter by Zhuugus
Nothing too fancy here, just a good reliable mage hunter. Very safe thanks to Maiven, AoC debuff and DA. Clears in 17min.

17. Aether spellbinder by Ptirodaktill [updated for]
This guy makes a glorious comeback! It was #1 caster in builds for 100-150, but when new waves came out in december 2017 it became a glass cannon. Piloting it before [] was a job for perfectionists and/or masochists. But now it is great for everyone once again! Author has a dozen versions of it, I chose this particular one because it has the most DA of them all and additional 15% phys res from the amulet - these help A LOT. Most of the time you will be casually facetanking using MoE and MoT, but there is one situation when things get complicated - double Reaper spawn. They build up their attack, so they can eventually oneshot you even through MoT. So do not tank them more than 5 sec of MoT and 3 sec of MoE, immediately kite afterwards and repeat only when these are recharged. 13 min with 3 blessings, and it means you can buy all four and finish under 12 min, thus you can do 150-170 twice on the same set of blessings!

18. Radaggan vitality deceiver & cabalist by Superfluff [updated for]
Both guys here are very fast and strong, I can't choose my favorite. The amount of life leech is amazing. The best way to pilot both is to buy all 4 blessings and go to Crucible of the Dead as this way you finish under 12 min, so you are able to do 2 runs on one set of blessings. We've got ourselves a new awesome set.

19. Blood Knight bleed warder by Excelsiar [updated for]
Bleed incarnation of Blood Knight is a kiting DoT caster. Try to make bleed as many targets as possible and the huge bleed duration will take care of them while you run away in safety. This is also very fast, 12 min on 4 blessings in Crucible of the Dead, so you are able to do 2 runs on one set of blessings and not run out of tributes. Note that main attack is Cadence, Savagery should only be clicked once every few seconds just to maintain the OA/DA buff.

20. PB vitality reaper by sir spanksalot [updated for]
This Reaper truly stands for his name: he reaps! Reaps everything and the carnage can't but fill your heart with joy. The author has 2 variants, always choose the DPS one, it still has very good durability, plus offense is best defense! Under 11 min on 4 blessing even NOT in crucible of the dead. Bloody. Juicy. Fun.

21. RoH cold Infiltrator by Ptirodaktill [updated for]
I've already had the concept of cold RoH infiltrator here, but this one has another approach: gear, devotions, etc. This concept is simply so strong that I felt it definitely should be here. Under 10 min on 4 blessings even NOT in crucible of the dead. Great players can achieve exceptional times with it, others will also have fun for sure cause it's easy to pilot.

Moar stuff in the next post!

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Dual-Wield and 2H Stuff

1. DW aether spellbinder by Suede Lee [updated for]
Hey, what is this, a dual-wield build? Yes it is! So how does it survive the carnage? Well, it is half-immortal. That's right: it chains Mirror of Ereoctes with Mark of Torment to have either complete immunity or 50% damage absorbtion. And Aeon's Hourglass devotion resets the cooldowns, so if you're careful enough you can have almost 100% uptime. This requires some practice to get used to, I can't say it's very hard but not for new players. I've tried other spellbinders that use this mechanic, but they were kiting casters. I found this one easier to play because it also has another upside - huge lifesteal. Fiend devotion bound to Ravenous Earth gives great AoE and sustain. Don't forget, half of chaos damage becomes aether (from ring), all fire damage becomes aether, half of elemental damage from Iskandra Elemental Exchange becomes aether, there are also huge flat aether bonuses from Fabric of Reality and Reckless Power. All together these make our damage output right out gigantic so my average clear time was 13 minutes. That's incredible! update: nerfs to MoE/MoT/Hourglass don't really matter because we don't need that much defenses now. Everything remains the same, including clear times. As it clears in 13 min on 2 blessings, it also is able to clear under 12min on 4. That's a more optimal way, 2 runs on 1 set of blessings.

2. DW acid/poison blademaster by hjmj02
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/d2jOqgxV [my version]
At last! Once blademasters were proud members of OP vanguard, but were flushed down into ch'thonic abyss by relentless celestial interference. This one crawled back from nonexistence to reclaim blademasters' former glory. This chinese guy didn't call it poison for no reason: a big part part of it's damage is DoT poison and this is the part that helps it pass through waves 160 and 170. You poison them and kite: pretty simple but also pretty unique, considering it is made in a dw blademaster shell.
My version clears in 16 min and I found it 5 times easier to play and survive than the original.

3. DW cold korba trickster by Zhuugus [updated for]
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/wV1Pbyn2 [new vervion]
In the ages nearly buried in sands of time, Jajaja came up with a korba trickster. That was a fearsome damage machine but also a glass cannon. That creation had zero chance in the new ruthless crucible, but then the light of chinese wisdom of high DA enlightened our way!
Aeons passed. DA era has ended. Now I run a damage-oriented devotion setup, new time is 9,5 min on 4 blessings no banner. Feels powerful! And don't think this is a glass cannon, it has pretty good DA as well.

4. DW cold infiltrator by Zhuugus [updated for]
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/m23PJDYV [new version]
Blue items meta strikes once again This is very similar to korba trickster, but it is noticeably safer thanks to such great defensive tools as Inquisitor Seal and Aura of Censure debuff. You can facetank wave 160 and 170 with this (including double Reaper for example), kiting only when there is too much DoT on the ground.
Update: new devotion setup allows us to be on par with korba trickster doing 9,5 min runs on 4 blessings no banner. Nice.

5. DW lightning vindicator by Zhuugus
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/bVA81LB2 [new version]
Another one in the proud DW Ugdenbog vanguard. Same ability to facetank double Reaper and other nemesis, 13min clear, etc, etc. This one is heavily supported by Storm Totem, so some purists would call him a hybrid. Whatever! You're on the frontline, you eviscerate and you are basically a Zeus. Neat, huh?
Update: Thanks Mator and Veretragna I can now corfirm that Hand of Ultos outperforms Tempest. 12min clear now. Bind Savagery to Hand of Ultos, otherwise you will lose %weapon damage from proc and lifesteal from it.

6. DW fire purifier by Zhuugus [updated for]
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/pZrrXD5Z [new version]
...and another one! I didn't explain why Ugdenbog daggers are so good. Well, they have nice core (especially cold ones), alacrity suffix gives so much needed attack speed, but the right prefix is the key. "Infernal" for example launches 3 fireballs that can shotgun and this is why nemesis melt so fast. Cold version also has shotgunning projectiles and lightning doesn't, but its proc is still good. 14 min clear. update: so now we clear in 12-13min, with blessing of Ulo it's safer, but not necessary.

7. DW cold apostate by veretragna [updated for]
http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=69924 [version by Chthon]
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/pZrrLJ3Z [my version]
A hybrid caster built around double Mythical Dreadweavers. Bone Harvest becomes a huge nuke this way plus it noticeably buffs autoattacks through Soul Harvest. And that nice epic cold set again! My version clears in 16 min. It doesn't outperform builds with Ugdenbog daggers, but these weapons are way easier to get.

8. DW "ranged" chaos pyromancer by korsar [updated for]
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/nZoDxRdN [my new version]
Chaos! I've tried several chaos builds with all possible gear and relevant class combos like pyro, purifier, deceiver, even witchblade. Chaos builds suck! Seriously, wtf is Abominable might proc from devotion, wtf is Harbinger set full bonus, why the hell Darkblaze belt does not have %chaos damage?! Triggered!
So, the only chaos build that does not suck is ranged chaos pyro with Darkblaze set. Melee version of it sucks even with great MI weapons, Harbinger version of it also sucks.
This version of mine is pretty good and competitive though, clears in 14 min average. Brimstone and %WD procs from Seal of the Void provide great AoE, very delightful to see all this chaotic carnage on the screen. update: no need for high DA now, so clearing times improved. Under 12 min now on 4 blessings, so 2 runs on 1 set. Also increased lifesteal, since this build has a lot of WPS, 16% lifesteal is doing wonders here.

9. DW bleed trickster by Rhylthar [updated for]
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/d2jOE8mV [my new version]
So, the blademaster above used both flat and DoT types of damage, this one however is fully DoT! At first look I had doubts that it would have enough damage output but it turned out to be pretty good, 16 min clear. The upcoming patch will probably significantly affect our defenses, but we are full DoT after all, we can always kite like crazy! update: this axe heals A TON! But nevertheless, facetanking is a bad idea now. You have so much DoT, why put your life at risk? Just cut them a bit and they will bleed to death while you happily run in circles nearby! As we can afford more damage now, clear times became 14 min.

10. DW RoH infiltrator by Crabcakes [updated for]
This is a caster. A melee fighting, dual-wield, in-your-face caster. Rune of Hagarrad explodes like a nuclear bomb and kills nearly everything and what doesn't die immediately rots from our frostburn radiation. 11 min runs. Pretty easy to get the gear. From grimtools' stats you may think he has too much DA, but no, DA there is with temporary buffs, average DA is a lot lower.

11. 2H physical Blade Arc witchblade by Poisonman2 [updated for]
Spamming physical Blade Arc as a two-hander in a Bloodrager set is not that obvious. I somehow always considered this set only as a bleed one (maybe because coat strangely does not have %phys dmg?), but it actually works great in pair with Blade Arc. I would never think that. Moreover, it satisfies modern thrirst for speed, finishing under 12 min and thus being able to clear 150-170 2 times on one set of 4 blessings.

12. 2H physical Cadence witchblade by Tora and JoV [updated for]
Right when you think Cadence is obsolete and there are far better options now, it strikes back! This was born right on the pages of this very thread, I like that! Again, it satisfies modern thirst for speed, finishing under 12 min and thus being able to clear 150-170 2 times on one set of 4 blessings.

13. 2H lightning Primal Strike conjurer by Superfluff [updated for]
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2EA8Pn2 [my version]
Boy, Ultos set was shit for such a long time! Massive changes were needed to fix that, and they arrived. Still, I find original version pretty glassy. The amount of DA you see in grimtools for the original is with Judicators' buff and it generally doesn't work on boss waves. So I turned to good old Stalwart of Readiness. My version has about 600 more DA right when you most need it - on boss waves. Finishes under 12 min and thus being able to clear 150-170 2 times on one set of 4 blessings.

14. 2H cold trickster by veretragna [updated for]
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2m9PED2 [my version]
So after [] shaman weapon-based builds are rising! This one is doing great, 11 min on 4 blessings no banner. Stiil had to add DA-based rings to it, with 4 blessings it has 500 more DA this way. As before, I still think that trading a small portion of damage for a huge chunk of survivability through extra DA is a no-brainer.

Crucible guide

- Reaper: probably most dangerous enemy in crucible. He has "Charged attack that becomes more efficient with each charge" (c). So if you don't kill him in 5-7sec, you better kite back and wait for his attack to reset.
- Aleksander: can compete with Reaper for the 1st place, his aether meteors are EXTREMELY dangerous, try to avoid them at all costs. He throws them every 7 sec, so eventually you will learn to dodge. 40+ aether overcap is welcome. Arches can fully protect you from meteors, a very good one in located in Crusible of Sands in south-east. On wave 161 he spawns with a bunch of healers who can heal him to full in split second multiple times, so always kill healers first.
- Kubacabra: always kill this nemesis first, no matter what. Otherwise this annoying piece of shit masterpiece of gamedesign will just heal everybody else and they will never die. Use hit-and-run tactics not to stay in his healing pools.
- Generally, overcapping all resistanses is the way to go because literally in every wave someone will shred your resists. New Ulo blessing helps with that a lot.
- Theodin Marcell on wave 169 has 2 phases, do not kill his first phase last, otherwise wave 170 will start and you will have to deal will additional boss.
- Anasteria: appears on wave 169, 137, 104. Why is she dangerous? She has Projectile burst which applies "50% Reduced target's Resistances for 5 Seconds". Insane resist shred, everyone will suddenly deal A LOT more damage to you. Overcapping resistances helps against this (new blessing of Ulo for example).
- Rashalga the Mad Queen: Appears on wave 147 and 162. When she glows red (like 50% of the time) she has her ridiculous aura on, which amplifies her damage like 10 times IF you use any projectile-based skills. Even tanks can be blown into pieces. So you either kite or don't use any skills/devotions with projectiles.
- Zantarinn: He is very weak, but has a mindblowing charging attack. When he raises his weapon and starts glowing red your have 2 seconds to get your ass out before you will be inevitably one-shot. Damage is insane because it is a shotgun attack. Watch out!

I'm so glad that I started this thread, people gave me a lot of great builds to try. I couldn't even imagine that so many builds can provide that sweet sweet sense of power and satisfaction!
Feel free to post powerful builds you know.
My special thanks to all the authors of the builds.
I also say thank you to all people who shared builds in the comments.

More builds are on their way, stay tuned!

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Builds to farm lvl 100-150 gladiator, in no particular order:
[Times are with extra spawn, 2 standard blessings (+damage, +health), no banners]

Please be aware that most of these are pretty old builds. Some of them evolved and can be found in the posts above, some got outshined by other sets and mastery combos. Still, they should do the job and if you're making your own build you can get ideas from here.







Honorable mentions:


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Originally Posted by silic View Post
Superfluff's cold infiltrator,
Unimaginative skelemancer cabalist,
The various autentist tacticians.
Superfluff's cold infiltrator is on my checklist with a couple of other builds.
Author of Unimaginative skelemancer cabalist stated in his post that he has 50% clearing success. These builds have 99%. So, it's for pet fans, exchanging power for pets is not for everyone.
Two great tacticians already added, haven't seen more of the same power level.
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added moar stuff
[] Powerful builds of AoM era http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=61983
[] Faceroll Battlemage http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=65663
[] The Great Deceiver http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?p=592403
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You should really consider Dracarris build by DaShiv if you are basing this on reliable solo gladiator clearing.
Is it too much to ask for Crate to give us what we really want? Dual wield skeleton.

The Fermi Paradox is God nerfing Civilization: Reality Edition.
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Jajaja's new build, doubleblitz commando, seems really stronk.

http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=62107 THT's builds here have extremely fast clear times, they're on hardcore too.
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Originally Posted by reapersgaze View Post
You should really consider Dracarris build by DaShiv if you are basing this on reliable solo gladiator clearing.
you mean this build?

It's really impressive for a pet build to even clear crucible. I don't play pet builds, all I know is that they are fragile as hell. In the video you can see that he is struggling, by no means it's a cakewalk.
Anyway, it should definitely please pet enthusiasts.
[] Powerful builds of AoM era http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=61983
[] Faceroll Battlemage http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=65663
[] The Great Deceiver http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?p=592403
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It seems like the goal post keeps moving...
Is it too much to ask for Crate to give us what we really want? Dual wield skeleton.

The Fermi Paradox is God nerfing Civilization: Reality Edition.
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Originally Posted by reapersgaze View Post
It seems like the goal post keeps moving...
as a newer player, mind explaining which of these are the "weaker" builds you're referring to?
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