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Default New Grim Dawn Interview with Arthur

Part one of my interview with Arthur is now up on incgamers.com. Part 2 is coming tomorrow. I did it in video and text format so both flavours are catered for

Part 2 is being posted tomorrow.
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Excellent interview. Can't wait for part 2!
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Awesome read, glad to hear that B16 will bring some new enhancements to the game.

Also can't wait for part 2
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Nice, thanks for posting. Will read all of it later.
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Thank you very much~
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It seems Bruno has been enjoying those giant dev beers.

Quest markers?

Game is indeed playable. Rarely encounter bugs. But FPS is below 20-25. It is playable, but not for too long periods of time. Not smooth and just hurts my eyes after an hour or 3-4.

Funny build in the footage. Does it have pretty much all the cultist/soldier skills at 1-2 points for preview purpose?

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Very good questions (and answers)!

PY: You guys are thinking about modding support, as that was important to you previously. The fact that it’s not working on a closed, secure environment… as far as monetising is concerned, does that knock the idea of microtransactions completely out of the equation? If people are just able to do whatever the hell they want with the game anyway?

AB: It certainly is a concern, but then people can pirate the whole game, so! I think on some level, as we don’t have an always online game, you have to have some level of faith in the community that people who really value the game and want to support it are going to legitimately buy stuff, and yeah, there’s probably going to be some other people that don’t. To some extent maybe that’ll diminish the value of what people buy, but unfortunately, we’re not really in a position to do much about it at this point.
Sounds promising, I prefer buying big chunks of extra content over small microtransactions for single items.

AB: Basically, the bridge that leads northwest out of town will be repairable, and people can repair that once they’ve killed the Warden and collected the requisite amount of resources.
I didn't realize the progression is linear. I thought we were getting the choice of where we want to go, so you could clear "Act II" before starting on Burrwitch and the Warden.

We’ve added in LUA scripting ... Steam Workshop support
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The progression is linear. However it is possible to gather enough Scrap and coins to fix the bridge when reaching Burwitch. I made 15,000 coins and 20 Scrap at that point. It is dreadful since you have to pick up ALL loot and vendor it. And you shouldn't waste Scrap on that waterpump quest. Then it is possible to fix the bridge leading the "act 2".
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really sad that quest markers will be in the game,

matty cries
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Originally Posted by matthewfarmery View Post
really sad that quest markers will be in the game,

matty cries
Oh don't cry man, it's not going to be the green line on screen connecting to the huuuge flashing red beacon on the map type, but rather the 50 meter exclamation mark on the quest target.

At least, I hope...
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