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Originally Posted by shamanic View Post
Would it be possible to release editor for grim dawn?

We have crucible arena, so perhaps we players could create small maps for it. Or also map areas for main campaign or something like that.. It would be cool.
Even without tutorials people would figure it out how to use editor for grim dawn.. over time slowly perhaps but it would be A LOT of decent content from players.

any thoughts from devs about this?
We already have one
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Originally Posted by Ram View Post
Diablo II: RoT Mod
Originally Posted by Van Houck View Post
Nydiamar Mod
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Several sections of the forum are dedicated to modding the game - both base and Crucible. The devs wanted the game to be moddable from the start so the editor's been available ever since the game was fully released.

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Originally Posted by Helixagon View Post
^It said "in the next two weeks" it will drop, so we can likely expect this within the next week.
It was "next two weeks" last monday. Crate has said something that amounts to they generally don't patch Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon which leaves today and tomorrow, or some time middle of next week if it's ending up more than two weeks. Of course assuming they aren't patching Fri-Mon
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