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Old 09-06-2010, 04:12 PM
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I like the way cel Want to build trees skills.

I think a good idea should be to separate the first and secondary effect of a same skill.

Something like this :

Lightning bolt
/ | \
[Electricity damage] [Damage on time] [% Slow ennemy]


Fire bolt
/ | \
[Fire damage] [Damage on time] [% armor destruction]


Warrior attack
/ | \
[direct damage] [multi damage ] [stun]


It can run also with the passive aura

Glacial aura
/ | \
[ice resistance] [Slow hostiles attack] [upgrade ice damage.]

With that sorts of tree it will be very easy to build differents characters and do exactly what we want to :

I want a mage that control hostiles to kill them from range : skills points on the lightning bolt freeze ennemy and on ice damage.
I want a warrior that degrade armor first then kick their ass with a sword : skills point on % destruction armor and on warrior attack direct damage.

You can easily do a mass DOT character or a mass direct damage character with that sort of tree.

i hope I was clear enough
Closed Thread

balancing, builds, game design, masteries, skill trees, synergies, user interface

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