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Default Would something like this be viable for a DK?

And- I also have no idea on how to navigate Devotions. They're flipping impenetrable to me. Help?

Basically, I figured Sorta tanky- kills people from just hanging out near them.My curiosity was would I want something in Siphon or drain, or would it be better to just smack people like this? (I'm playing Co-op multiplayer with a friend who is a Occultist necromancer Pet User).

(Apologies if this is stupid as heck).

Also, I can't post links- So. 50 In necromancy
16 in bone harvest
12 dread + SOul harvest
12 Spectral Binding + 10 Spectral Wrath
10 Mark of Torment
12 Harbinger of soulk

Soldier 46
Fighting spirit 12
Menhirs will 16
Military Condition & Veterancy 10
Decorated Soldier + Scars of battle 8
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So basically it's a Bone Harvest build with Soldier just for support? I don't know if Bone Harvest is any good without the gear but there's a legendary set that supports exactly this build, so yeah, very viable. Getting the set is up to luck though, might take you a month of farming or six months.
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Welcome to the forum Arlyeon. The 3 post limit is part of the anti-spam measures here on the forum, but we have a dedicated thread so genuine members can up their counts.


If you go to www.grimtools.com and enter the Build Calculator there you'll see an arrow with a bar underneath it on the lefthand side of the screen. If you click on that you can navigate to where you characters' save files are. Select the character by double clicking and then select the player.gbc file then click Open. That will import your character into the Build Calculator with all their gear, stats, devotions, etc. If you then use the next icon down from the arrow/bar you can copy the link that appears and paste it here so others can see it and give you some more guidance. You can only do this when you have 3 posts or more.
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