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Default Faction system (some positive feedback)

I first started playing this game a few weeks ago and it's really blown me away. There's a lot to like but in particular I really like the faction system. I've seen some reviews that say it's superficial and shallow in terms of its impact on your character development, but I think that's missing the point a bit.

The fact that the system exists at all, and gives some in-game measure of how good or bad your relations are with each faction really helps keep me immersed, and makes me feel like my character really has become a part of these various communities. This is in contrast to Diablo 2, where even though my character was helping various communities, there was no sense of attachment and you always felt like you were just passing through - which admittedly worked really well for D2, but we don't need every game to mimic D2 and I'm really glad GD took this path.

I personally think the faction system has enough of a gameplay impact in terms of the items etc that it opens up. It alone probably won't make the difference in terms of whether you're able to beat some really tough challenge, but I don't think it really needs to. What I'd like to see is more of the little stuff - NPC responses and dialogues changing to reflecting your different relationships, and also more instances of the different hub areas physically changing based on you completing quests to help them out.
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