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Having a heart attack here!!!!
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Originally Posted by Chthon View Post
Called it /10chat


Could we get Wallpaper form of that artwork?

And to answer the question:
This mastery is the thing i am looking forward to in the expansion
Wallpaper is up in the media section now.

Originally Posted by Cavar View Post
More powerful, but still warriors, archers, mages and revenants? Or can we raise Bone Golems?

How is this combination determined? Is it random, or does it depend on mousing over certain corpses?

Can't wait for this Mastery!
No Bone Golem. We have something...different in mind for the Necromancer's other summon.

Originally Posted by They Live View Post
i was in the "not a big fan of the necro" crowd but i wait to see what you make of it.

I hope that will be far more varsatile than just a "summoner" archetype.
Just as the Occultist and Shaman are not exclusively summoners, the Necromancer has a wide array of spells to wreak havoc.
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Necromancer confirmed
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Hopefully it will make PBlades build great again! Totally love all of the stuff that's going to be added in the expansion, can't wait for it!
Make PBlades great again!
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By the Nine Divines! I knew it!
Btw more cold damage is always apreciated
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this is pretty dope
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Nice! Looking forward to both new masteries, the continuation of the story line, and the new area to explore.
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THIS is why you don't go to bed!
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had a feeling we'd be seeing the necromancer, and I'm quite impressed with your guys' rendition of this staple class, gonna be fun to do an inquis/necro dual class
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