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Default [B27] Chosen To Rage v,hc

Hello everyone , today i wanted to present my first build that im not ashamed to share on forums. The build originated as a sorcerer using new solar gear and melting everything down with Conflagration but it was too squishy for my taste so it evolved into Commando. Its a fairly tanky build based around Conflagration with some "Chosen" gear and other "chance when hit" items to easily deal with armies of trash mobs. To melt bosses we use maxed Oleron's Rage to insanly boost the dps and kill almost every boss under 15 seconds while facetanking.

Grimcalc : http://grimcalc.com/build/ctgBEl

Some numbers : 8,6 k hp / 11,9 k dps - when you pop olerons rage it goes up to 16,6 k and OA goes up to 1,4k furthermore you can use Arcanum Oil and Kymon's Sacred Oil to reach 17,7 k

Pros : Tanky (hc,v) high hp , Menhir's Will and LichGuard proc just won't let you die even if you mess up
Doesn't require any crafted gear only blue's and faction items
No problems with reflective mobs - maxed fire resist + Blast Shield allow you to melt reflective heroes even with their buff on
Melts almost any boss in game in less then 15 secs - times vary depending on boss Alkamos takes less then 10 secs but some bosses with high fire resistance can take longer ( first phase of last act 3 boss for example)
It's really funny when mobs die around you just from procs

First and the most important one is that it's really hard to level up as this build - but its possible , what i did was going quickjacks untill i could max vindictive flame + ulzin's wrath and at 35 i switched to conflagration but still kept vindictive as you won't have energy sustain to melt everything at 35 yet so you have to rely on mobs killing themselves while attacking you
Only 1 damage element , mobs with high fire res can be pain in the ass , you might want to skip certain heroes with "Burning" affix
Heavy Energy consumption , you will have to use a pot from time to time and pretty much have to use certain items that i will list below for the energy regen
Not maxed resistances , especially poison and aether so you have to watch out where you stand

Vindictive Flame + Ulzuin's Wrath - mostly to kill archers while you run throu melee mobs
Cannister Bomb + Concussive Bomb - Aoe Stun so you can clear rooms faster then with beam
Flame Touched + Temper - dps buff

Soldier :
Menhir's Will - Defensive proc , gives you some space for mistakes really usefull on hardcore
Overguard - 1 point mostly for 100% stun duration reduction
Blitz - movement
Field Command - OA/DA armor , without squad tactics because there is no benefit from attack speed so its better to spend those points elsewhere
Counterstrike - 1 point , yet another skill that triggers when you get hit
Menhir's Bulwark - 1 point , pop it on boss fights along with Oleron Rage so can you facetank while you meltface
Oleron's Rage - go insane

Stats,Items :
For stats i went with 15 physique and 35 spirit
Weapon : http://gracefuldusk.appspot.com/item...en-Flamecaller with Enchanted Flint - high fire and burn dmg with energy regen and "when hit" proc / can be swapped for Solar Revolver but you wont be able to use Blitz and can't insert Enchanted Flint into it
Offhand : http://gracefuldusk.appspot.com/items/1338-Lichguard with Enchanted Flint purely defensive choice you can swap it for Solar Codex but you won't be able to use Menhir's Will or Menhir's Bulwark (technically you can use bulwark and then swap to codex for it to work)

Helmet : http://gracefuldusk.appspot.com/item...-Silver-Knight or Chosen Cowl with Runestone
Chest : http://gracefuldusk.appspot.com/item...osen-Vestments with Kilrian's Shattered Soul provides huge ammount of energy regen along with some damage and resists
Pants : http://gracefuldusk.appspot.com/item...lates-of-Valor with ancient armor plate - another purely defensive item as there are not many options in pants department

Shoulders : http://gracefuldusk.appspot.com/item...-Shoulderguard with Mutated Scale - fire/burn damage along with another "when hit" proc and bonus to bomb on top of that
Hands : http://gracefuldusk.appspot.com/item...ari-Handguards with Spellwoven Threads - highest dps gloves , aim for high cast speed around 19%
Boots : http://gracefuldusk.appspot.com/item...ellion-Greaves with Mark of Mogdrogen , fire/burn damage with another "when hit" proc , bonus to blast shield - keep in mind these have no movemenet speed whatsoever thats why you should carry another pair of boots for traveling - i have explorers footpads with mark of traveler

Belt : http://gracefuldusk.appspot.com/item...an-Thread-Sash with Dense Fur (but pick what you like), this belt provides huge amount of resists along with cast speed and another defensive proc - if you don't play hc you could swap it for Chains of anguish for huge dps boost
Medal : http://gracefuldusk.appspot.com/items/6760-Devil's-Badge-of-Flame with Attuned Loadstone , cast speed/fire dmg/energy regen
Relic : http://gracefuldusk.appspot.com/item...-Conflagration obviously

Amulet : http://gracefuldusk.appspot.com/item...ce-of-Beronath with Arcane Lens , total speed / elemental damage
Rings : http://gracefuldusk.appspot.com/items/718-Eternal-Band with mark of illusions , pretty much best in slot for this build provides necessary energy regen along with some cast speed and elemental damage

For Augments i went with Rhowan's Wisdom for rings and amulet and Solar Radiance for weapon and shield.

Tactics : Run throu mobs and let them die from all your procs and ocasionaly throw a bomb here and there - when you get to the boss pop your menhir's bulwark , overguard , oleron's rage some oil's if you want and start melting their face.

In attachements i've added some screenshots showing numbers with different buffs on and with some non-hc gear alternative like chains of anguish and solar codex (20,7k dps).Also the character files if you want to give it a spin.
Thats it , i hope you will try out this build as it's really fun to play for me if you have any questions feel free to ask.
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