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Updated to V1007H1.

the update should include:

skill calc, devotion calc, monsters, skills(meaning item skills, monster skills etc., you can reach those in a few days. most notably clicking on the monster skill on a monster page), and language files.
some languages(about half of them) didn't have updates for v1007, so they are in the previous v1006 version.

let me know of issues(and if a part of the site isn't updated due to internal-er cache(yes thats the technical name) or whatever). I doubt I will make any meaningful update in the following few weeks though, so no actual feedback please

a link:

edit: oh and, the build compendium sidebar links and stuff are updated.

edit2: currently, you can re-save the builds from v1006 to v1007 links. dont do that for builds including the class demolitionist, bad things will happen. feel free to update the rest.
On 27 Feb. 2018, I have made a few changes to grimcalc(to make sure its stable and doesn't blow up) -- feel free to PM me if its somehow broken.
Also, you shouldn't, but in case you are still using grimcalc links every now and then, make sure to back them up and/or save the page/screenshot it. It won't be kept operational for far too long.

The remainder of this page is intentionally left blank ╮(︶︿︶)╭

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