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Please make damage conversion, at least 100% ones, to also convert color.

FW 100% to fire looks the same, FW 100% to elemental looks the same, Primal Strike 100% to aether looks the same...

Flames of Ignaffar 100% to cold looks awsome...just he ideea cause it changes the color to the dmg it does its awsome...not just how it looks...

And those are just a few...

Ruby Component is on of those items that exist to make others actually feel better....never used it...dont think u can use it with current stats...

Edited : And talking about primal strike...it would be really nice to have 100% conversion to other types of dmg also....for ex Trickster using myth bane of the winter king would be really nice with primal strike - thunderous strike converted to cold dmg.
...crippling creep...

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Looking good!
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