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Default Immortal Class

I think it would be cool to have a class that had some incredibly unique features. Maybe it's life is completely dependent on something else. Maybe an immortals life is based on the rate at which it kills monsters. i.e. it has a max HP that reduces as time goes on, the more enemies it kills the closer to full it gets. You can obviously increase the max. If you don't constantly find enemies to kill then your HP may quickly go down to 0. I kind of like a class like this b/c you can't spend too much time on loot and if you don't kill enough enemies fast enough then you may end up dying. I know it sounds horrible but I think if it was implemented correctly it could be awefully fun. The idea is a class like this would be played after a serious play through or just to bring a unique aspect to the game as time goes on.

The alternative is a mode that has that element and the option of being any class.
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i could see this being a skill within a mastery, like a Trance. Cool idea.

what if multiple factions could offer a loyalty quest and you could only choose one which granted you a skill and your player was permanently cursed/blessed with this trait if you completed the quest?

that'd be neato.
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I don't know if you played TQ or how you played it. But I tend to spend significant time brooding over loot. Also I don't want to be pressured to proceed, while I want to explore a town, talk to NPCs or search for something in the field. In multiplayer your whole party was required to follow you constantly.

I think this can be a fun mechanic for a challenge and/or of a customer map.

Edit: It could work as a skill, which buffs you temporarily and/or until you turn it off. But then it should belong to a single mastery ... and would actually befit vampirism medierra mentioned ages ago.

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Well in some ARPGs I sometimes stop to enjoy the scenery (just like that). GD looks like it's that kind of ARPG. That wouldn't go well with having to run around for kills. But it would be nice as a bloodlust skill or smth. Once in a while frenzy is good.
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Originally Posted by eisprinzessin View Post
I don't know if you played TQ or how you played it. But I tend to spend significant time brooding over loot. Also I don't want to be pressured to proceed. . .

I think this can be a fun mechanic for a challenge and/or of a customer map.
My thoughts exactly.

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Now what if that health draining thing was only active in combat and would end shortly after. Maybe like 10 seconds afterwards, or whatever. That way after a battle you can loot without having to worry about dying.

I do like the overall idea, but the problem lies during non-combat related stuff, e.g. visiting towns, talking to NPCs, looting, general exploring. There's just a lot of problems that would arise with that sort of thing. If say, that draining health effect also gradually increased your movement speed so you can get around faster, possibly to get back into combat, that would help balance it, but there's still all those other problems anyway.

It's definitely an interesting idea though, it just has it's problems.
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