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Arrow Retro technology (and guns) in Rpg history.

I thought I'd bring to the attention of everyone how there have been certain rpg in the past that very similarly included retro type of firearms in their gameplay (along with the weapons we all love and enjoy) and pulled it off excellently.

Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura is the first and best in some of my opinions. A very deep roleplay game made back in 1999, or 2000, not sure. Pretty old, but the way it included firearms and that technological aspect was just beautiful. They allowed the player to forge guns and buy them. As an engineer (craft tree) you were allowed to make/fuse firearms out of many materials you found around. Schematics found also allowed very interesting guns to be made such as; A fancy pistol and a rifle if I am not mistaken made some sort of elephant gun which was this huge double barrel rifle. That was only half of it as there were perks that allowed you to excel as a gun wielder. They even went as far as making perception a stat which severely altered your aim and chance of hitting with a gun. I recall one time I shot at some goblin or something and my sidekick (party member) yelled at me because my aim was off, apparently my perception was so terrible I had done damage to myself.

The second great thing that I'd like to point out with the inclusion of these sort of guns and the sort is the ability now to create/find/use bombs and mines and little gadgets and items enhancers with the same technological influence as with the guns you include in the game. In Arcanum, with a few scraps you could put together a mechanized arachnid, which can even be upgraded to some other crap if you fused it with a wonder drug. Mine detectors, mechanized healing vests, pyro axes, all of the sort could be created. This really added an entire aspect to the game which added to the classic sword and shield style of gameplay.

For further examples and things I'd recommend you to just google Arcanum guns or some sort of thing and you'll see how Crazy it really was.

Other games like torchlight and WoW did alright with the similar concepts but weren't as exciting:/
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