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Default Grim Misadventures #7: This One is Mine

Apologies for the delay to your regular broadcast. Those responsible have been tortured and maimed. Now back to the news:

Hello and welcome to Grim Misadventures! Zantai reporting with an update that is 105% (+/- 5%) elected by the community. With a majority that would make presidential candidates jealous, epic items won last week’s poll with 66.04% of the votes submitted.

Epic items in Grim Dawn are the first tier of our hand-crafted itemization. These are powerful rare items with strong themes and some unique effects. While they may not always be better than a rare quality item, seeing blue on the screen should be a moment of happy fun times. As of now, all epics planned for the alpha stage have been theorized, calculated, morphed, forged, teleported, and stamped. That’s good stuff!

In case you are wondering, that’s 81 delicious items ready to drop from just about anywhere*. Epic items will begin at level 10, but you may see them drop sooner if the luck of the roll is with you. Without further delay, we will let the items speak for themselves.

*Items will not drop just about anywhere. But they sure do drop all over the place!

Disclaimer: the following names, stats, requirements, and more stats are work in progress and may not reflect the final product. Complainers will be thoroughly mocked.

These items do not yet have their final art. You can hurt the slacker artists (Please don’t hurt the artists. They’re not slackers.).

First in line: Maiven’s Lens. Arcanist pride!

What’s the set bonus? I don’t know (I do know). Moving on!

Next, we have the mysterious Orwell’s Revolver. Pew, pew!

Proving once again that the only good way to deal with a heretic is with lightning strikes.

Incoming, the vicious Bloodreaper’s Claw!

What? More set bonuses? I’m looking at them right now. Sweet stats!

Last, but not least: Razorback’s Spined Mantle. Skinned bone rats make fine armor. Who knew?

This here is an example of a hero monster item. These types of items will drop with an increased frequency from the named hero monster, but will still have a chance to drop from the general item pool. Let the hunt commence!

That’s all for this week’s batch. Some interesting topics brewing down the line, but for now we would like to continue this series of elected content previews. Please take a minute to vote on what you wish to see next. I promise no repeats (I think, maybe…probably?). See you on 9/30/12!
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