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Default [][Caster] Lightning Obliteration Elementalist

See previous/upper page for Lightning Obliteration Vindicator

Update v1.0.5.1

Grimtools : Lightning Obliteration Elementalist

Video : A Death Night at Ancient Grove - Pet Hoarder Achievement w/o Real Pets

[][Caster] Lightning Obliteration Elementalist

Grimtools :
Video : (I have funny moment with Cronley's Door - It didn't allow me to enter the room)

This build also has strong Defense, thanks to :
--> Blast Shield (Damage Absorption, Resistances)
--> Flashbang (CC)
--> Vindictive Flame (Stun, Health Regen, Total Speed)

--> Mogdrogen's Pact Line (Health & Energy Regen, %Health, Posion and Bleeding Reduction, Increase Health Regen)
--> Wendigo Totem (Our Main Healing Spells)
--> Wind Devil-Raging Tempest (CC)

Blast Shield makes us feel Strong, just throw Flashbang into pack of mobs, then cast our spells, shoot our Electrocute Beam.
You don't have to worry to facetanking (except some special enemies), combination of Blast Shield, Mark of Divinity, and Wendigo Totem really makes you has strong defense. Just shoot everything with your Obliteration Ray !

See next page for Lightning Obliteration Conjurer
Cool Grim Dawn Videos :

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