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Default Grim Misadventure #119: Inquisitive Advantage

Welcome back to another Grim Misadventure dev update. You may have missed the big news, but we had a pretty big announcement last week: Grim Dawn has just surpassed over 1 Million Copies Sold! And it’s still going strong.

But you’re here for expansion news! So let’s dive right in. Last time, we had a lore-heavy update featuring one of the new factions coming your way in the expansion. Today, we’re going back to the Inquisitor, with a detailed look at some of the skills available to Cairn’s hunters of all things eldritch and bizarre.

Please note that as the masteries are still under development, the following information may change by release. Damage values are scaled by player attributes.
You’ve studied the basic runes and earned your first artifacts. You’ve been trained in the Luminari arts of subduing foes. At the end of the line, these powerful abilities await!

Inquisitor Seal
”Inscribe a protective seal upon the ground that shields allies and rebukes foes that cross its border. The seal is not permanent however and will fade over time.”

This protective symbol guards you and your allies against harm, but also harms any enemy that steps within it. The modifier for this ability empowers allies standing within it with offensive Elemental potential. The Transmuter offers additional protection against ranged attacks at the cost of spellcasting focus. The seal is a powerful spell to use in the thick of combat, or to plant yourself at a distance and take out anyone that dares approach.

Rune of Hagarrad
”The Rune of Hagarrad was one of the first objects contained within the Vault of the Luminari but, after mounting pressure from the imperial court to exterminate occult activity within the capital, it also became the first artifact to be sanctioned for study and replicated by the Luminari in order to cut off escape routes for fleeing targets.”

The Rune of Hagarrad is a chilling addition to the Luminari arsenal, piercing unfortunate foes with shards of solid ice when triggered by an approaching foe. The modifiers for this ability enhance its chilling potential and increase the number of shards emitted upon activating.

Rune of Kalastor
”Place the Rune of Kalastor upon the ground. This unstable artifact explodes upon contact with enemies, spilling explosive shrapnel upon the battlefield that shatters and erupts to inflict grievous harm.”

A destructive rune that erupts when an enemy walks near, showering the area with explosive spheres of fire and agony. With the modifier, the rune triggers an immediate eruption upon casting, in addition to its triggered effect.

Artifact Handling
”Careful handling of the dangerous relics and artifacts replicated from the Vault of the Luminari storage is central to all Inquisitor training. In inexperienced hands, even the best of intentions could spell doom for the wielder, and those around them.”

Do you enjoy throwing traps everywhere? With proper Artifact Handling (a passive bonus), your Runes of Hagarrad and Kalastor will be at their peak potential and available that much more frequently.

Aura of Conviction
”The protective properties of the runes emblazoned upon Inquisitor armor can be extended to nearby allies, offering enhanced combat awareness and martial prowess.”

This exclusive skill is the culmination of inquisitor training and embodies not only their lethal potential but also their exceptional leadership skills. Unlike most exclusive skills, the Aura of Conviction also benefits nearby allies.

And more…
Cause there is always more! More tricks remain within the Inquisitor’s arsenal, but you will have to learn about them for yourself when the class is released with the upcoming expansion.

Like knowing what is coming up next for Grim Dawn? Check back on 06/12/2017 for our next development update!
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