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Originally Posted by Cavar
Will you be adding locations for one shot chests or have I just overlooked that?
I'll try to add more content like that in any of the next releases.

Originally Posted by FOE
If you open a Act-1 map, you can swicht beween all maps, that's nice!
Titles for each map will be added.

Originally Posted by FOE
And it would be also nice, if you can open each map over the world map ... if possible!?
Each "submap" through main map won't be zoomable and will display as a standard lightbox image, but I'll add this feature too.

Originally Posted by Jaknet
Very nice indeed... I'll just scrap the map I was working on...damn should have been quicker
Don't scrap any work! Still a lot of stuff to do here, any help will be nice.

Originally Posted by Ceno
There are five entrances to Bloodbriar's Lair, btw, whereas your map only suggests one.
The four remaining will be added in the next release.

Thank a lot for your feedback!
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