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Originally Posted by jackx View Post
The only real use for Discord I could see is with minimal investment in Cadence itself on a caster weapon, so you spent 5 points total for a double-hit every third strike and +100% chaos/elemental. That'd likely be a build where melee attacks aren't your main damage source, though.

With conversion, at the skill stage of damage calculation, you want more phyiscal damage, not less, and you want %dmg to be applied from gear/attributes, after converting from your (high) physical damage.

Then there's the fact that conversion unsupported by skills isn't very appealing, and both auto-attack replacers do a much better job at supporting their associated magical damage type than Cadence ever could.

Discord was designed for when stacking large amounts of flat magical damage was how you made a non-physical melee build...
OMG this is so true! I didn't really think about it in that way. With my Druid I've achieved 79% conversion so reducing the physical damage is taking that in the wrong direction. I also agree with Ceno. I would like to see a transmuter which increases damage for those who use a shiled.