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Default Potions

To create any sense of danger during an encounter the player must feel like it is possible for them to die. To have a heightened sense of danger, the player must feel like death is potentially imminent and they are constantly doing things to avoid it. To reduce actual player deaths the player needs some recourse that allows them to avoid dying during these situations. Health potions exist to facilitate this dynamic of ARPG combat. [1]

They are an element of resource management and you make the strategic decisions on when to use them. [2] You don't really use health potions much in Grim Dawn. [3] Their role should be as an emergency measure that allows people to survive close-calls in combat, endure inescapable situations such as entrapment until they can break free or preventing them from having to retreat at a critical moment. [2, 3]

Potions are fairly rare. [4] However, the game is not depending on rarity to limit people's potion use though. [5] That will primarily come in the form of their 30 second cooldown. [5, 6] In Titan Quest potions were a crutch for poorly balanced melee combat. Players had to constantly chug them to stay alive and keep fighting. [2] Crate has introduced other mechanics that should vastly reduce the need for potion chugging. [7]

Potions provide more regeneration than instant health. Drinking one before you go into battle is a strategy that adds to the anticipation of combat and probably gives a small amount of satisfaction to new players once they figure out how to take advantage of it. [1]

There will only be one type/size of health and energy potions. [7] Currently potions stack up to 50. The number isn't set in stone but 50 is probably the minimum. [7, 8] It's unlikely that anyone will accumulate more than one stack of health potions. [9] They are also rather expensive, so if you ever have much more than you need, selling them would be a good way to make money. [10]

Grim Dawn does not use an animation for potion drinking as it would immobilize your character. Such an animation totally defeats the purpose of potions, which is to save your ass when you're getting overwhelmed. [1, 11]

The developers don't like energy potions and long for more tightly balanced encounters but ARPG gameplay mechanics and the expectations of players don't really support this. Spell casting classes would be forced to spend a protracted amount of time sitting around regenerating energy, if they run out of it and the game had no energy potions. Players wouldn't tolerate such a mechanic. [1] The developers believe they just need to make them more scarce and expensive and put in more alternative means of boosting energy regeneration so casters aren't reliant on energy potions. [12]
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