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Originally Posted by lordofthul View Post
Uroboruuk you will find in East Marsh very close the devotion shrine, there a place with a sacrificial altar where some skeletons spawns, i dont know but i think that he spawns randomly.
Ceno already cleared that, it's his Guardian hijacked by Cthonians.

Originally Posted by lordofthul View Post
About the Outcast's god, its a supposition, because Order's of Death have Uroboruuk as their god, Kymon's tells you about Empyrion (dont remember if he is their god), and the Outcasts dont make reference to any god, its a little strange that the other 2 "elemental based" factions mentions their gods and the Outcasts dont...
Outcast isn't a faction per se, it shows up as one in the faction list but Outcast refers only to the witch. She is the only one in that faction as far as i can tell. And she's an aetherial defector (Judging from Lucius' note, unless she planted that )

Also, can someone post a screenshot of Anasteria's boss form (after we kill her she can be fought in her boss form (wrath of Aether))?

Originally Posted by lordofthul View Post
Its another interesting thing, the notes tell us "heading east" but dont tell where is the starting point for this "heading east", or I'm doing another mistake?
There's another interesting thing about Uroboruuk's journal:

In page 1 its write: "somewhere to the Northeast of Burrwitch..."
And then in the page 2 he describes his battles againist Harbingers of chaos, but to the Northeast of Burrwitch there are only ethereal enemies! But if you look to the extreme Northeast, up from the Warden's Lab portal, there's clearly a City in the map, near the end of lake! It could be there where's Uroboruuk fight the harbingers?

Actually, the ones he fought are Cthonians who were heading east just as him to investigate the energy source. There is no Cthonian camp there, not anymore atleast since I am pretty sure Uro wiped them all out.
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