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Default Health

Health is the amount of damage you can sustain before you die. [1, 2] You accumulate more health during the course of the game. [3, 4]

Outside of combat the new health regeneration system refills your health. [5, 6] You go into fast-regeneration if you haven't been damaged in 3 seconds. It takes about 5-8 seconds to go from 1 to 100% health. [7, 8]

If you survive an encounter you just start running to the next one and by the time you get there, you're usually back to full health. [7] It works surprisingly well and eliminates the frustrating upkeep of buying and constantly downing potions between encounters to keep your health up while also making combat a little more dynamic. [6, 8] Once you get used to it, you don't notice its there. [9]

You can't activate it inside of combat, but you can regenerate near enemies if you avoid getting hit for a few seconds. Enemy attacks interrupt the effect. [6, 10]
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