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Zantai 12-04-2017 06:54 PM

Grim Misadventure #130: Ashen Crucible
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Grim Misdaventures is here!

It’s been a busy month for Grim Dawn. Ashes of Malmouth saw its first major update with v1.0.3.0. This patch made significant improvements to controller support and casting mechanics and a whole slew of tuning changes and bug fixes. We followed that up with two hotfixes that that addressed various reported issues. Next in line is the v1.0.4.0 Crucible update!

With this major patch, along with the next balancing pass on Grim Dawn’s expansion, the Crucible DLC will be receiving an upgrade. Parts of it will apply even if you do not own the Ashes of Malmouth expansion.

First up, and this treat goes out to everybody that’s purchased the Crucible DLC, we are introducing two brand new arenas for you to duke it out with the monsters of Cairn: The Crucible of the Void and the Crucible of the Legion!

Crucible of the Void
Not even the most forsaken depths of the void are off limits to the Master of the Crucible’s machinations. Within the realm of the dead god, Lokarr tests aspirants against the horrors of his arena.

Will you succumb to the maddening aura within the void realm, or will Lokarr’s creatures get you first?

Crucible of the Legion
This was once a proud fortress of the Black Legion. Now it stands abandoned, slowly consumed by time. Its small contingent of troops was forced to retreat when an overwhelming enemy force approached from the West, forsaking a valuable trade route. The former commander of this fortress, who made the decision in order to spare his troops a certain death, was later hanged for disobeying orders and sacrificing a valuable coastal trade route to the enemy.

That same stronghold now serves as the final resting place of hundreds of aspiring gladiators that succumbed to Lokarr’s whims.

Will you be just another casualty joining their ranks? Or will you prevail?

An Infrequent Concern
Kind of a small note, but worth mentioning nonetheless…while working on updating the Crucible, we discovered a discrepancy in the Monster Infrequent tables specific to the Crucible itself. Due to the way the loot tables were set up, there was a higher than intended chance of getting lower level versions of various Monster Infrequents in the Crucible. With the upcoming patch, we will be addressing this issue and Monster Infrequent Crucible loot tables will behave as they do in the Main Campaign.

This was not as big an issue in the base game, but was exacerbated with the release of Ashes of Malmouth. However, the fix will address them both.

Infrequently New
Alongside the Crucible changes, we also have a little treat on the way to the Main Campaign in the form of two new Monster Infrequents. I’ll let you figure out where they come from, though here’s one hint: one of these is coming to the base game and the other is exclusive to Ashes of Malmouth!

Ashes Coming to the Crucible
The following changes apply only if you own both the Crucible DLC and the Ashes of Malmouth expansion.

With the release of Ashes of Malmouth, a whole slew of new foes was introduced to the game. However, champions of the Crucible did not have an opportunity to face off against them. This will change with patch v1.0.4.0!

Starting with Wave 42, you will start to see Ashes of Malmouth-exclusive enemies spawning within the Crucible. Their frequency will increase as you reach the greatest challenges in Lokarr’s arena.

Finally, when you conquer Wave 150, Lokarr will give you a choice: collect your well-earned reward…or keep going!

With v1.0.4.0, the Crucible DLC is receiving 20 additional waves, exclusively for owners of Ashes of Malmouth. Face off against legions of expansion enemies mixed in with some familiar base game opponents. Show the mighty Kubacabra who’s boss. Crush a force of Aetherial Colossi charging alongside their Chthonian Servitor host.

Will you prevail against the greatest challenges the Crucible has ever seen? You’ll find out posthaste.

Like knowing what is coming up next for Grim Dawn? Grim Misadventures are posted less frequently as we focus on supporting the expansion and its upcoming content updates. We’ll be hailing in the new year on 01/08/2018 and looking back at the all the stuff that’s been added to Grim Dawn over the previous year, and maybe a little bit of what’s next!

Chthon 12-04-2017 06:57 PM

Log's shoulders and Theodin's Scepter

Interesting, hopefully the latter has Aether Lightning Proc


Weren't we supposed to be getting some sort of preview into one of Crate's new projects ?

Dikkiedik 12-04-2017 06:57 PM

damn nice, still waiting :p :rolleyes::rolleyes: :eek:

They Live 12-04-2017 06:58 PM

i loved the infrequents part. I'm not a big fan of crucible but many people like it so i appreciate your effort to improve it.

Kobra 12-04-2017 07:01 PM

that legion themed arena soo cool!!! and those new MIs my body can't handle that much :D:D

Chthon 12-04-2017 07:02 PM


Originally Posted by They Live (Post 586170)
i loved the infrequents part.

Judging by them adding shoulders to Log so suddenly I'm guessing Kra'vall drops some sort of MI shoulders as well. Since the design for both bosses is almost same the shoulder MIs would've been almost identical hence making it easier for them to design this item. Glad they still care about Log (buff him, #ChthonianMasterRace)

I'm glad they finally dropped the "sex toy" theme and didn't give us a tentacle MI from Log :rolleyes:

medea fleecestealer 12-04-2017 07:06 PM

"Will you be just another casualty joining their ranks?"

When am I anything else! :D

Great artwork again devs. It all looks awesome. Now if only I could play the Crucible well enough to actually get there ... :eek:

Zantai 12-04-2017 07:09 PM


Originally Posted by Chthon (Post 586167)
Weren't we supposed to be getting some sort of preview into one of Crate's new projects ?

Hm, don't think that'd be a GM update...


Originally Posted by Chthon (Post 586176)
I'm glad they finally dropped the "sex toy" theme and didn't give us a tentacle MI from Log :rolleyes:

Hey now, let's not say things we'll regret later. I'm sure we can fulfill your secret sex toy fetish another time.

spikenik 12-04-2017 07:09 PM

Looking good. :) And finally, more reasons to actually fight the final bosses. :D


Originally Posted by Chthon (Post 586176)
I'm glad they finally dropped the "sex toy" theme

Speak for yourself. :p

Superfluff 12-04-2017 07:11 PM


Originally Posted by Chthon (Post 586167)
Log's shoulders

I'll bet it's Unraveller:p

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