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  • Hio!

    Hi everyone!
    My name is Joonas and I am a gamer/student from the far reaches of northern Europe. ARPs have a special place in my heart and Titan Quest has been one of my absolutely favourite games of all time. The class creation was one of the main things that especially caught my attention. It was fun to mess around with different combinations and see what you end up with and I am glad to see it is still a big part of the upcoming game. It also added a nice new challenge to the game. Also the mythology based story was really great (a big fan of mythology and studying religions/occult.) The world and lore in Grim Dawn so far seem really dark and twisted, just the way I like it. And lets not forget the insane amount of cool loot.
    I saw the Kickstart video yesterday and immediately bought the Epic edition. Its really great what you guys are doing and I hope the Kickstart will be more than just a success. Its a shame that Im a poor student and cant yet afford to donate more for your development.
    Cant wait for the beta to start rolling and thank you for this great opportunity to make an impact on a game!

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    Hi tonttuc8tan,

    You study theology at university and are taking occult classes there ... Finland must be fascinating

    ... welcome to the forums.


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      Hey tonttuc8tan,

      Welcome aboard and enjoy your stay! =)
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        Oh no I dont study theology Just an interest. I actually study information technology.
        And thank you for the warm welcome!


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          hello and welcome, enjoy your stay
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