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  • Hello GD community!

    Hi, may name is Robert(my account name rlbg is my initials).

    I'm a huge fan of ARPGs. I played almost all ARPGs out there.
    But this year is the most exciting year in my gaming life, because the genre I though that was dying is starting rise again.

    There are not 1, not 2, but 5 ARPGs that is going to be released this year:
    1. Diablo 3
    2. Torchlight 2
    3. Path of Exile
    4. Krater
    5. the last but not the least... Grim Dawn

    I'm not a new member to this forum. I'm an active Torchlight 2 follower.
    I saw Grim Dawn last year, when i was searching for updates about Torchlight 2 and Diablo 3. I saw the first 2 alpha-build videos, I was impreased that i created an account to join the forums, but i never followed Grim Dawn much.

    Just today i watch the Kickstarter video and i was blown away. Grim Dawn looks very promising and fun, the environments, the atmosphere, the enemy design and the combat, Man!

    I'm encouraging everyone to donate. Me, my best friend and my brothers will donate so Crate can finish and polish the hell out of this game.

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    Hi rlbg16,

    ... welcome the forums.


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      hi and welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay and thanks for the suppoprt that you give Crate
      Legendary key holder since 20/12/2010

      Co-op Digital Deluxe Bundle supporter I hope GD is a success


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        Hey Robert,

        Welcome aboard the visible ones. =)
        --TQ:IT Death Effects Mod maker (DEM), Former ASYLUMSMOD, Masteries & Krater(alpha) Tester, Masteries Calculator maker--

        Thorough GD info here: www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?p=71628&postcount=1

        Best music label of all times: www.g7welcomingcommittee.com/

        "Boxed Deluxe Edition" support


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          Thanks for the welcome
          I cannot believe there are only two full-time guys that are working for the game. That is very impressive. The amount of detail, you can almost assume that there are dozens working on it. Kudos to the Crate guys.