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Default Grim Misadventure #39: A New U...I

Hello, denizens of Cairn! Another Grim Misadventure for you today and you can probably guess what it is about!

Yup, we updated the UI! A few weeks ago, we showed you an early glimpse of the Crafting UI prototype. That UI has now been updated in preparation for the crafting update (coming after Act 2).

Leaner, cleaner and…meaner?

With the crafting UI finished, we came to the conclusion that our other UI elements could also use a bit of refinement. With that in mind, we unleashed Allminoxy on the rest of the UIs. You can see the new character screen below:

There was one major element though that we have heard comments on for quite some time in our forums, and that is the HUD. We always intended to return to our HUD’s design and that time has finally come. The Health and Energy bars have been separated, moving the minimap to the top right. We also added a larger version of the minimap for those that want to be able to view a larger portion of the area at all times.

The updated UI is coming your way along with Act 2, coming very soon to a Build near you.

That wraps up today’s update. You can look forward to our next one on 03/03/2014!
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I love it! The hp and mana bars look amazing.
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Looks great!
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I love it ! I won't thank you though, as it's now even harder to wait for act 2
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Can't wait to put that crafting UI to work!
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Great job You guys are reading in my mind.
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In all seriousness, an excellent 39th Misadventure, Zantai! Can't wait to see what #40 has in store for us, though I suspect Act 2 will be out by then. Some observations:
  • The very first thing I noticed was the color of the coins: gold. I know that it gets the point across that that icon means money, but if casual players (not us fanboys who know this off by heart ) are to remember that iron is the currency on post-apocalyptic Cairn, you might want to consider tweaking that a little.
  • Is that a new icon for Aether Crystals I spy? Awesome indeed, the other icon was obviously rather... basic. Glad to see this minor-est of minor changes has been made, methinks Act 2 is close at hand!
  • Has the color of the energy bar been tweaked at all? Maybe it's just the new layout of it, but the color reminds me of aether when I look at it now, and I find the subtle connection there very cool.
That is all for now, maybe I will notice some more minor things that I can bring to your attention when it isn't my allotted bedtime. Once again, thank you for another fantastic update!
Bring on Act 2!
Cheers from Younghappy
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I wanna kiss you guys!

Awesome work with the UI refinement. I like the colour, the design, the feeling, just awesome!

About the new HUD... well you already know i must like it cause thats pretty much what i have proposed a long time ago! ;-)

Kudos to a busy, busy art team!

P.S. Ofc can't wait for act 2!
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It really is the small things that make me happy. The new UI really looks crisp and clear I love it. Im also very pleased that there will be a larger minimap option as atm I resort to near constant opening and closing of the main map.

I also notice that you have the same name as my Pyro so big thumbs up!
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