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Default April Fools 2018!

This is a bit unprecedented, but sometimes a BIG April announcement just can’t wait.

We are very excited to talk to you about some of the features coming in a massive v4.1.1.8 update, check out the changelog here, and we’re going to start off with the biggest.

Progression is an important part of ARPGs, whether you are selecting the most optimized min/max outfit at the Illusionist or treating yourself at the local blacksmith.

With v4.1.1.8, we wanted to take things a step further and so we are proud to announce the addition of: Paramour Levels!

Meaningful relationships have always been something we felt Grim Dawn was missing, and with the addition of this incredible new system, we are finally filling this glaring gap in our feature list.

No longer will your interactions with NPCs be just another click-through experience. With the Paramour System, every choice matters as you earn, or lose, Paramour Points with the respective character. Raise your Paramour Level high enough in this endlessly scaling end-game mechanic, and you may just create a formidable relationship that can overcome an apocalypse…and last a lifetime.

Growing Cast
The Paramour System will be released with 11 NPCs available for enhanced relationships. But fear not, we are working hard on expanding this system to every character in the game so that every step of your journey across Cairn is as intimate as the last.

Dynamic Challenge
Just as each relationship in life is different, every character in Grim Dawn will feature unique challenges that you will have to overcome before breaking through their tough outer shell. Cairn is a brutal place, and it’s only natural that not everyone will welcome you with open arms. But with enough loot drops and a few quests, you may just find yourself moving on to the next Paramour tier!

As your relationship progresses, you will have an opportunity to take the NPCs to new exciting locales so that you may experience the wonders of Cairn together! Just be careful how you dress! The Illusionist system becomes more important than ever as NPCs not only evaluate you based on your interactions, but also how you accessorize!

We cannot be more excited to get this system into your hands and we hope you have just as much fun with it as we had creating it.

Other features
The Paramour System is not the only thing coming with Patch v4.1.1.8. Along with raccoon script cycles, incredible balance changes and Ultracore mode, you can also look forward to our enhanced Loading Screen tech!


Happy April 1st!
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Hahahaha joke day :P
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I'm paramour lvl 1000
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Poor Harvey really needs some love.
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Good feature! So looking forward to building my own harem!
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Images not loading! I want a meaningful relationship with Darius. Something in his green eyes!
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This is an amazing update, I wonder how the misadventure Monday can top this one!
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>TFW Anasteria Romance

A Taste of Things to come soon...

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It cracks with a thunderous roar,
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Playtesting when?
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I have enough of this! This game is a joke. It's time to end this!
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grim misadventure
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