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Old 03-26-2019, 12:52 AM
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Originally Posted by jakubbilek View Post
tried 3 runs gladiator with all 4 buffs and vanguard banner:
first - death in 170 due to my bad piloting ( i have not much experienced id 150 -170 ) on Cuba
second - is win around 7 minutes
third - rip from unknowns reason
in that runs i feel so squishy ,like cannon glass cannon but we need better pilot that me for testing
This build shone in 7.1 when it was the second fastest non-pet build in the game with the record of 5:02 by Ceveth. Now it's but a shadow of its former glory. Just about everything what made it great (and viable for most players who haven't played Crucible a million times and don't know exactly what to do in what waves) was nerfed: N&O, rune, DG.

Currently the best solution for RoH/melee hybrid would be Chilstrifes (there's is a link above). Imo BiS is a pair of Frostborn/Runecaster's of Voracity. But this is only available if you cheat. N&O is still viable but like you said - very hard. I haven't given it much time to find the sweet spot between offense and defense (honestly I think every player must do it on their own even with ready made forum builds) but these are the changes to test:

1. Restless Remains in the gloves
2. Ravager Eye in one or both weapons
3. Survivor Ingenuity on all 3 jewelry slots
4. Bloody Crystals to up the armor in 1-3 jewelry slots and an armor absorption component on the chest instead of Sanctified Bone
5. With some augment shuffling maybe fit one Enchanted Earth somewhere

Originally Posted by baburec View Post
Sorry for asking(im a new player and learning about the game, i know this isnt a good build for a new player, but im just interested in how it all works), so: why do you take Dying god and revenant devotions, if you have 0 vit\chaos dmg. If i understand it right: revenant gives life leech, but why do you need dying god, is it just too good bonus with its offensive ability and crit dmg bonuses? and there isnt anything better?

Edit 1: you dont have to explain about the dying god, i already got the answer
The devotion setup was ripped from John_Smith pure melee N&O infiltrator. DG is generally the easiest way to up your dmg with very good oa, crit dmg and total speed even if it's mainly for chaos/vit/pets and it's uptime is only 66%.
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Old 03-27-2019, 04:12 PM
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thank you for that possible changes...past some days i played this build and i think i improving my piloting skills, today i beat 150-170 for time around 6mins with 4 buffs plus vanguard banner without any changes, only original madlee variation
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