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hammy, here's another take on the build. I think best mainhand weapon could be an Infernal Kilrian's Skullbreaker of Wildfire (if you can get it!), but dual Blazehearts are easy to get. I swapped around the Devotion bindings as well to try and maximize -% Fire RR. FS should hit pretty hard with all that conversion and tons of flat Fire Damage.

See here: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lNkxaqd2

I'll give this build a whirl and see how it goes - I do enjoy Demo builds!
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Yes, the Kilrian Skullbreaker does look like a good second option. And Kilrian is fairly fast to farm if you bee-line through the mobs. Iirc, you need to repeat him quite a few times just to get 4/4 of his component!

Have fun and write up your game play impressions.
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Originally Posted by Mr_Farmerfield View Post
Sweet, didn't know that. Thank you!!
One more question as I just came back to GD...

Will conversions like that apply before global conversions? For example will I be able to turn all that newly gained fire damage back into chaos by using a blood orb (just as an example, I know that wouldn't make any sense )

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flat damage>Skill damage bonuses>Skill transmuter>Item transmuters>Item damage bonuses.

note, skill bonuses and transmuters included modifiers later on the skill line and that conversion can happen to each point of damage once.
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