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Old 01-11-2019, 11:26 PM
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Originally Posted by ASYLUM101 View Post
You only need the files you're going to modify, you don't need to import everything.

The game has a file priority system.

MOD > (FG) > AOM > GD

Anything in a mod that has the exact same name as anything in AOM will be overwritten and the game will use your stuff instead.
My intention is to play the main campaign and Crucible interchangeably with these characters. My understanding was that you would have to replace core database files, rather than running a typical mod set up, to enable this. However, overwriting a core database file without actually including the usual contents would mean that when the game searches for that file, it would find nothing and then crash. This would be different from the typical mud set up that you describe, no? Did I make a mistake somewhere?
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Old 01-14-2019, 07:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Boromonokli View Post
do achievements work in such a modded game?
I feel like some achievements work no matter what. I got the achievement for beating Hardcore Ultimate in Grimarillion playing Zenith classes.
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