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I swear by Forcewave, and even find myself wishing for it on non-Soldier characters. I would love to see an equivalent skill in TQ.
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My favorites are from Defense Mastery only, I think:

Adrenaline: gives massive HP regen, which is really funny while fighting strong bosses. Increases the damage and speed (general speed), which also helped to dodge some of skillshots etc. Wasn't too powerful, neither too weak.

Battle Awareness: super defensive skill. Helps to survive in many situations, and, as I am a defense lover, really complemented my play style. Gave armor and defensive ability, its upgrades increased shield block and crowd control resistances.

Quick Recovery: again a super defensive one. Shield block and recovery increased, armor absorption too.

I would kinda want to have those skills in GD. GD has similar skills, but they're not really the same if we talk about defense. I like builds that deal no damage, but also receive no damage, but Grim Dawn kind of doesn't have that feature. I mean, you can kinda achieve that, but it's not that easy to receive no damage from literally anything.
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