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Smile Making the Game Alive "Suggestions"

After siding with either Death Vigil and Kymon Chosen for some time...it felt kinda bored as you know what you need to do for them.

Here's some thought, what if we have Faction War that can occur randomly all across the game? Such as
1)"Random Encounter with two factions",
2)"Encampment siege from Cronely's gang, Beast, Aetherials" *this is optional


1)It could just happen while you are travelling, or doing some random shit,
or you just happened to piss them off so much. Also, let say we have the "Shadow of War Stronghold Siege style" whereby we can help and defend the stronghold we acquired upon mission completion. Well, this can then add more ideas such as "able to do some donation of weapons/ armour(like the "To Arms! mission from BL TPS"), use hard-earned iron bits to do some upgrade to the fort, siege machine/ defence", as a result we can even notice the changes to your brother and sister equip the weapon you gave them

The idea here is much more focussed on making use of the Fort that's already in the game. Fort Haron or their stronghold at Sorrow Bastion? Or even include a new battlefield at Cairn?
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I tried modding in 1) a few years(?) ago. I don't think it's impossible persay, but it does require a lot of scripting work and will desync in multiplayer/sometimes not function in singleplayer.

Alternatively you can put in even more work to modifying the world to get it to work via the proxy system, but that would be exorbitantly more time invested, if much more stable/reliable.

Doable, but probably not a justifiable investment. It's 'neat' but doesn't add as much of an experience to the game as the time required for its production would've indicated.
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I see, thanks for the info and reply btw

I guess we will have to be patient and wait for FG to come out and see what's the next plan from Crate

Have a good day
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