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Post looking for suggestions 2H Ritualist or Death Knight

Hello there, this is my first post in this forum, i hope i won´t offend anybody by using bad english.

I have been playing GD before the expansion together with a friend, i played a ps-warder, she a sorceres so i could go into melee, she stayed a little bit away
We now have boughed the expansion and want to start new characters with similair assignment of tasks. We are currently only lv 30 something in veteran, i started with necro, she with demo.

i read a lot about DK (and that it is not good supported) and find the idea nevertheless interesting to build a charakter arround 2H melee focusing on vitality and aether dmg

My question now is:
Would Ritualist using mainly savagery do this better?. Also because of the heart of the wild aura/wendigo totem affecting my partymember and stuff.
Is there gear existing that could support this build?(assuming i can ever find it)
Or would Death knight be better due to its superior name and all the soldier passives(cadence always seemed a little bit not great to me but never played it far beyond lv20)

We are just looking for some fun, doesn´t need to be the most complicated+optimized build but i would like to at least finish ultimate and maybe some of the roguelike-levels.

Btw, would Demolitionist with mostly firestrike, flashbangs and tornisterbomb
work with Inquisitor? Kind of a ranged 2H caster. I have to make both builds at least half.

I made some Grimtools-toons for example how i roughly imagine the builds
for death knight

for shaman

Thanks for every answer in advance
Have a good day

Best regards

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2h melee, death knight, necromancer, ritualist

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