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Default [ HC] Ravenous Valguur: Vit caster with -212 RR, someone call PETA because this is abuse

-212 Vitality RR and 15% RR, -16% Life Leech Resist

Haven't posted any builds lately but I thought this one was interesting enough to warrant making a thread.
Vitality casters are a fan favorite because hey, who doesn't like having nearly infinite sustainability and regaining Health when hit?
Many of these builds tend to be similar: in the Devotion setup Rattosh and Dying God are set in stone, but do you get Wendigo or can you also fit in Scales somehow?
These are common questions, and after thinking about it for a while, this is my take on the Vit caster using the Valguur set.

I made the build on Hardcore to prove it's nearly unkillable. I switch between both SC and HC, but for HC I always go for the tanky builds since it's easy to lose some DW melee char in Gladiator HC in 0.5s, and ain't nobody got time to relevel that.

Build mechanics
Vit casters always have good survivability, but sometimes they struggle with dealing damage because everyone and their dog seems to come with innate 100%+ Vit res.
This build seeks to overcome that by stacking an enormous amount of RR and having a high damage shotgun ability in Ravenous Earth.
At rank 23+, RE shoots 7-9 times, so on average it can hit a target 8 times with each volley and you can have multiple instances of RE up at the same time.
The shotgun nature of the skill means it's very effective to stack flat damage from skill modifiers on it, but unfortunately Vit RE doesn't get that many.
Poison/Acid RE on the other hand has a ton of damage skill modifiers, but that's another story.

Besides RE, you also have many different procs that trigger when you are hit, several of them have a high Life Leech component which will heal you even when you're not attacking.
The build functions as a damage sponge: it doesn't have any real defenses besides a high Health pool and Life Leech, and by reducing the enemy Life Leech res, any damage taken will be healed almost instantly.

-Nigh immortal
This is a build that doesn't die, so even if you make some mistakes it's very forgiving.
-High damage output
The RR shred guarantees that any target will melt to your RE.
-Relatively low gear requirements
As with all my builds, you will never see a Stonehide/Thunderstruck MI of Kings or other "perfect" double rare MIs. (Unless I happen to find one, then it'd probably find its way into every future build I make.)
As long as you farm Crucible a lot, you will get the Valguur set eventually. The nice thing is that even with self-found gear, you can make this your Challenger Crucible farmer immediately at level 100, and work your way up to Gladiator 150.

The build uses 4 greens which might seem daunting, but you really only need 1 Thunderstruck prefix on 1 of 3 potential slots, the rest is luxury.
Since this build is essentially a CD caster, you don't need to stack Cast nor Attack Speed, which makes gearing much less restrictive.
-No Energy issues
This isn't one of those builds that requires the Crucible blessing to not run dry within seconds. You have very high Energy regeneration so you rarely have to use a potion unless you misuse your skills.

-No gap closer
Some people hate builds without a gap closer, I don't think it's a deal breaker for this character, but it's something to keep in mind.
If you really want to, you can put a Riftstone in your weapon slot, but I don't find it necessary.
-Low Run Speed
Since neither mastery gives Run Speed, this build only has ~121%, which is pretty slow.
-Not a One Button Build
The build has six skills in its regular rotation, which might be too much for some people.

Grimtools (click me) <- All-round setup

Equipment choices explained & alternatives

Not going to do a full breakdown of every slot, since Vit casters almost all have the same items anyway.
I'll just mention the irregular parts:

Mythical Soulcatcher is the best option. The skill modifiers slightly boost Devouring Swarm, and the added Chaos damage to RE is partially converted by the chest armor.
Even if you only get ~25 converted Vit damage, keep in mind that it's multiplied by 7-9, and the Chaos part isn't entirely wasted either thanks to Dying God.

For alternatives, any +1 Necro amulet will do until you get Soulcatcher. The Epic Death Ward is a very common drop, and you can also buy Reaver's Hunger from Barrowholm at Revered reputation.
A +1 to all skills amulet isn't that valuable for this build, since it uses very few Shaman skills.

You want a Bonespike for the skill modifiers to RE.
Realistically, the best weapon you can get is a Necromancer's (Magic prefix) with +1 to RE, and hopefully a damage suffix (either Spellweaving or Decay).
There are 20+ different Necromancer prefixes, so even though it's a common drop, it can take a while to farm, but it's definitely not impossible.
I got a Necromancer's of Spellweaving (wrong damage type though) after 2-3 weeks of on and off farming, doing a few Mountain Deeps runs several times a day.
If you don't want to farm for this, you can easily farm one with 360%+ Vitality damage and not much else, this shouldn't take more than 30 minutes.
That way you lose out on some damage, so you melt stuff 0.1s slower.

If you use an item editor, you can make a dream dagger that gives like +7 to RE and loads of Vit damage, the final few ranks of RE have a large amount of damage locked in them. I'm not a fan of doing that since I like to keep the mystique in the game.
If I tested every build with an editor I would be immensely bored very quickly, and run out of goals to reach.
I do however like to spend endless hours theorycrafting in Grimtools though.

Basilisk Crest is our item of choice so we can plant REs more often.
These are dropped by the stronger Basilisks in Ugdenbog, the vendor in Ancient Grove always carries a few of them as well.
The best place to farm these is thus the AG vendor, or in the Barrowholm Mines.
This is one of the slots you can get the elusive Thunderstruck prefix on, but anything with resists or HP is fine too.

If you can get one with a Defiler's prefix that boosts RE, that would be great too, but like the Bonespike, you won't get one without 3rd party tools.

Pants & Shoulders
Grava'Thul's Legguards and Moosilauke's Pauldrons are used to supermax Devouring Swarm and Spectral Wrath.
Supermaxing these 2 skills doesn't really have any extra strong boost at the final rank like some other skills do, but it's still nice to have.
If you have good other MIs, you can easily replace the above ones with little loss though.

For the pants you can also use Scorchrune Legwraps for +2 to RE and good Health and resists.

Impurity is used for this build, it's better than the Lv. 90 Relic because it has a passive proc that fits the build more.
For being a lower tier Relic, it's also much easier to craft, so you can attempt multiple tries to get +1 to RE.
Every craft gives you 2 potential shots at getting a completion bonus to RE.

Boneweave Girdle is used for the proc, which is a very strong heal. Neither class has a belt with Vitality damage or fitting skill bonuses, so this belt is the better option.
You can use a Girdle of Stolen Dreams as well if you want more OA, but I feel the proc is better than the ~150 OA that belt gives.

I use Boneshatter Treads for the final ranks to Devouring Swarm and the Slow resist. You can replace it with a pair of Stoneplate Greaves with good affixes too (Stonehide/Thunderstruck/Impervious of Kings/Arcane Winds/Vitality).

This build doesn't have high armor, so no focus is given to Armor Absorption or Armor % bonuses. Instead it uses Sanctified Bones to pad resists and give relevant racial damage bonuses, since these two enemy types tend to resist Vit highly.
Many Ugdenbog Leathers and Runebound Topazes are used to boost the build's low DA. Together with the -200 enemy OA from Blood Boil, you're in a healthy range of effective DA.

Since the build uses 3 turret style abilities, it makes for a very good camping playstyle: drop both totems and an RE at a spot, and wait for enemies to come to you in the Crucible.
When the above 3 skills are on CD, use Devouring Swarm and Solael's Flame to RR every target.
Acid Spray and Will of Rattosh are bound to both totems to easily spread their RR.
Note that Siphon Souls is one of your RR abilities but it has a ~3.8s CD.
This means you can't just blindly mash it, you should save it for when bosses come near before you use it.
Luckily at rank 22 it has a huge range, and is even a damaging ability by itself.

Some of your Devotion skills have a WD% component which applies the 15% RR from your weapon augment, but only at ~20% value.
When the 3 main skills are on CD and you already applied the other RR to a boss, you can use a normal attack to whack them to get the full 15% RR.

I recommend you bind the main skills to something like QWER or 1234 for easy access, and put Swarm on your LMB.

The amount of RR makes every boss easy in the Crucible, but the most dangerous is probably Alek and his meteor, so you should either use the environment to block them, or dodge them manually.
When you're facing multiple Nemeses at once, use Mark of Torment when you start taking damage. While MoT is on, you're practically immortal, which gives you the time to dump 3 good REs.

Mad Queen can probably be tanked with MoT on, but since I'm playing HC I never try it, I just wait out her red aura and you can kill her before she uses it again.

The other bosses such as Reaper are mostly harmless and can be killed with minimal kiting. In the video's 2nd run I had 2 Reapers, Iron Maiden and Fabius for example, and my HP bar barely budged.
The reason for this is partially the Life Leech RR: Nemeses have 85% res to LL normally, so you only leech 15% of your damage.
With the -16% LL RR, your effective leech is doubled, which is a very strong boon.
Note that this also lets you leech from targets which are normally immune to LL, such as Zantarin and Bane'Gargoth.

In 160 and 170, make sure you hit Siphon Souls on multiple Nemeses as it provides a huge amount of continuous heal and the -OA debuff.

Some notes
1) Shamelessly stole the layout from my previous builds yet again.
2) You can take the extra points out of MoT or other skills and put them in Tenacity of the Boar for better OA/DA, I don't think it's needed for this build though.
3) The Devotion skills are bound in this way for a reason: Flame Torrent might seem good on RE, but despite the 0 CD it has some hard cap that prevents you from having 20+ instances up at once (which would be horribly broken).
Furthermore, this build doesn't have good WD or damage conversion to use Flame Torrent well, so it's mostly an afterthought chosen for the Devotion completion bonus and lack of alternatives.

Twin Fangs is bound to RE instead for its high proc rate, and as an extra source of sustainability for when you're disabled or kiting.
Wendigo's Mark is bound to Swarm for another source of continuous sustainability: Swarm is a good Devotion trigger ability and it's also a source of heal itself.
4) Not sure if this is common knowledge, but if you are low on Crucible Tribute (too low to do 100-150 + 130-150 safely to refill), a good way is to do 1-10 and reset at 10. This gives you 7 Tribute on Glad each run, repeating it a few times will let you buy the buffs again.
5) More to come if I think of anything.

Gladiator 150-170 x2 (click me)
2 runs of Gladiator 170 using the same set of buffs, so you can see a variety of Nemeses and Mutators.
Each run is generally between 8 and 9 minutes, with easy Mutators or a good run you might get as low as 7 min, but more importantly: even with the hardest Mutators, you can do 2 runs with one set of buffs.
I actually almost got wrecked at 161 in the first run, because I ran in the middle of the top right pack and took some strong burst from -40 total RR on me.

Run 1
160: Alek, Fabius, Reaper
170: 2 Reapers, Valdaran, Zantarin

Run 2
160: Alek, Benn'Jahr, Kuba
170: Fabius, Iron Maiden, 2 Reapers

This is probably the last build I'll post until after FG, or I might post one more build I'm working on if I finish it and find it worthy.

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"They were completely unbalanced—in all the best ways!"

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Leveling Guide

This pertains the progression of this build: for more general leveling & character information, please check the various stickies such as here and here.

Stage 1 (level 1-10) <--click for link
Key points
  • Look for items with Energy regeneration, use some Ectoplasm if you have them (you can farm this in Spined Cove in the Arkovian Foothills if needed)

  • Put 1 point in the Shaman mastery bar and 2 in Devouring Swarm at lv. 2, then put 2 points in DS and 1 in the Necromancer bar (not Shaman) for each follow up level.
  • However, you don't want to max DS too early due to Energy usage, unless you can sustain it. If you run out of Energy too fast, stop pumping DS and pump the Necro mastery bar instead.

+Green in Crossroads
+Bat (bind Twin Fangs to Devouring Swarm)

Stage 2 (level 10-30)
Key points
  • Keep looking for Energy regeneration gear
  • The items listed are just examples of what you could run into without trading, no need to get those exact items
  • Make sure you pick up a Bonespike from the Trog Blood Mages in the Mountain Deeps, if your initial run doesn't yield one, reset the game and run the Mountain Deeps again.
  • You can craft a Gluttony Relic if you have the materials, or just use the Bone Talisman by lying in the Lost Elder quest and keeping it for yourself.
    The Mana Infusion ability will solve most of your Energy issues and give a nice damage boost.

  • Focus on the Necro mastery bar first, until you can get Ravenous Earth and Spectral Wrath. If you have Energy issues then max SW next, otherwise focus on RE.
  • Next you should put some points in the Shaman mastery bar for Health and stats. If you have severe Energy issues, put extra points in Mogdrogen's Pact which you can remove later.
  • Max Decay at some point too for the enemy damage reduction.

+Fiend (bind Flame Torrent to Siphon Souls, switch Twin Fangs to RE)
+Manticore (bind Acid Spray to DS)
-Green in Crossroads

Note: the amount of Devotion points is just an estimation, you may have more or fewer points at this level.

Stage 3 (level 30-60)
Key points
  • Again, the items are just examples of common drops you can find at this level. Look for HP, resists, Energy reg and Vitality % damage.
  • Some items to keep an eye out for: Wreath of Souls, Scorchrune Legwraps, Death Ward and Padala's Will.
    If you're lucky you can find a Soulcatcher that gives a sizable damage boost.
  • Make sure to pick up a Basilisk Crest from the yellow-named Basilisks in Ugdenbog, reset the game instance if necessary.
  • Put a Symbol of Solael in your Bonespike or the off-hand.
  • At this point enemies become a bit stronger and you should start putting Components in your items, see the Grimtools for examples.

  • Keep pumping the Shaman bar, max Heart of the Wild along the way and then get the two totems.
  • Put extra points in the Necro mastery bar afterward.
  • At this point you should have all of your main skills, put them in a comfortable order (1234, QWER, etc.) so you can cast them easily without thought.

+Yellow in Crossroads
+Rattosh (bind Will of Rattosh to Storm Totem)

Please re-check how the Devotion skills are bound at this point: the Resist Reduction abilities should be bound to the totems.

Stage 4 (level 60-80)
Key points
  • Now that monsters start to hit hard, look for items that give resists.
  • This is also where some enemies will hit harder than you can tank, and you need to start learning to kite and use Mark of Torment at the right time.
    An effective strategy is to drop both totems and an RE at the same spot and just run circles around it, recast if necessary.
    Don't run away from your placed totems, that's where you are strong!
  • Items that give +1 to all Necro skills are worthwhile as well.
  • Note that the Normal difficulty Slith Primal ring is swapped for the lv. 70 version.
  • Craft the Impurity Relic if you have the materials, otherwise go for a Mortality until you do.
    Many of the lower Blueprints can be bought from the rare goods vendor in the Steelcap District.
  • When you have access to Augments, use them to fill up your lacking resists.
  • Work your way toward the endgame goal, which will require farming in Crucible and/or Rogue dungeons.

  • Finish the Necro mastery bar, then max Master of Death.
  • Max Spectral Binding and put 6 points in Mark of Torment.

+Wendigo (bind Wendigo's Mark to DS)
+Dying God (bind Hungering Void to Solael's Flame)

Please let me know if there are any problems with the guide or if something doesn't make sense: I drew this up by heart so some small things may not be entirely accurate despite multiple quality checks.

Good luck!
"They were completely unbalanced—in all the best ways!"

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The message you have entered is too short. Please lengthen your message to at least 10 characters
"They were completely unbalanced—in all the best ways!"
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Looking forward to reading this when I head back home!
Stun resist is like a condom... No one actually wants it, but you're far safer using it.

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Originally Posted by malawiglenn View Post
I will wait a few weeks until I GD-stash.
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Amazing stuff as always.
I especially liked you almost had no threatening situations and your damage rips hard.
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Incredible build, i have a very similar one and i can comfirm it kicks some serious ass .

Mine has a few differences though (i'm not implying by any means that they are for the better).


1. I focused more on hard capping (26/16) RE and and Storm Totem than DS and Spectral Wrath (still have -205 rr though )

2. I tried to go more tanky (30+ phys. res, increased max. resists, huge resist overcap, etc.)

3. Picked Conduit ammie for the Storm Totem mod which lets me utilize the extra summon limit on the 4p set bonus (and i'm a sucker for +max. resists).

I must admit (the obvious ) that i GDStashed my gear; points 1. and 2. couldn't really be achieved without unrealistic double rare greens oc.

I'm glad to see it rocking 170 with realistic gear (no double rares) too.
Originally Posted by Aetherial View Post
Gallop, you plan to add, podzemele bagels?

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Nice build Weyu. Vitality is always a pain with everything being so resistant - looks like you have excellent RR and damage as well.

What are you using to get the health bars above the monsters and the buff timers on the left of the screen in your videos?
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Thanks guys.
The HP bars and timers are from Grim Internals, it also gives auto-pickup for greens.
Really great stuff and saves your hands from RSI.
"They were completely unbalanced—in all the best ways!"
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Originally Posted by Weyu View Post
Thanks guys.
The HP bars and timers are from Grim Internals, it also gives auto-pickup for greens.
Really great stuff and saves your hands from RSI.
Excellent, thanks for the link. I must have never visited that thread before - I'll play around with it tonight. The auto-pickup for components and crafting materials is well worth it!
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awesome build as usual! i have to confess that vitality damage is always my HATE since i started GD, cause whenever you pick item from ground +%60 chance is most likely fucking vitality dmg for some? reason...

i always thought that this game has so much vitality dmg oriented items but still no 2handed vitality dmg item or any set that converts savagery lightning dmg to vit yet? incredible right ?

another thing i always hated was/is most mobs in game also have high vit res, again for some? reason...

good timing, i was working on bloody pox build aswell.

very smooth crucible performce btw...
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