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Originally Posted by Ptirodaktill View Post
And why whould anyone use Wraithstalker band ?:sad:
This is my first time hearing that name

As to the patch, tbh you guys could've not done this today and enjoyed your weekend.


All my builds can be found on my profile page

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Thx you guys and now sleep well
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List of undocumented changes:
  • Conduit of Warring Whispers: "6% Physical Resistance to Fighting Spirit" moved from this prefix to this one
  • Mythical Viperfang Grips: Attack Speed to Blood of Dreeg incresed from 6% to 8%
  • Relic - Doom: Replaced % Total Retaliation damage with 40% increased Trauma duration. (Seem like this change didn't make it into the build)

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in v1.0.3.0 (yesterday) i started a new character, fired up my 2nd account with my lvl98 conjurer. Just ran around for the quests, had the pets kill everything in sight, collected massive exp on the new character. Today, v1.0.3.1, with lvl99 conjurer, i no longer get exp from any kills, just the quest turn-ins. I understand that my conjurer is way too high to get exp off the beginners mobs, but was it intentional to stop giving exp to the lower level as well?

same thing with a lvl31 alt, not even with lvl 53 mobs in tomb of watchers

>>> just clearing stuff, in sunken reliquary, getting exp again from lvl 49 mobs <<<

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Is the Doom relic retaliation damage to internal trauma duration change supposed to be retroactive? Still shows a +retaliation damage in game for me.

Also not sure if intended but the skill is really quiet/silent on cast now?
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Originally Posted by Zantai View Post
Hotfix 1 for Patch V1.0.3.0 is now live on Steam (coming soon to GoG), yes it's almost 2am on Sunday here, shhhhh.

We are still investigating the excessive drops of affixless items, but there were a few fixes in here we wanted to get out asap, so here they are:


  • Fixed crafting UI oddities when switching from a regular blacksmith to a celestial blacksmith.
Confirmed. No UI oddities were found.

I have a question regarding celestial smiths services. Bella and Etram Fald are not able to craft "regular" items (for example from blueprints). Is it intended behaviour or a bug? If it is expected, could you please provide some clarifycation on this? Before the DLC each blaksmith including Etram Fald had a unique service (like creating dynamit, transmute one rare componet like Ancient Heart to another one and etc.) and was able to craft "regular" items.

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Thanks Crate - your dedication and hard work does not go unnoticed in this day and age.

Hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday this week.
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Nice fix ! Lets buff krieg and another soldier builds and nerf glasscannon BM.
Good fockin work.
My field command:
"All get a krieg set and go to destroy all content in HC".
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Originally Posted by Zantai View Post
[*]Relic - Massacre: increased damage on skill proc, now launches 5 projectiles in a cone
Hell yeah, bloody shotgun
Originally Posted by Zantai View Post
Working as intended.
Originally Posted by Superfluff View Post
Кроме того, бочки с лопатой - это пони на самом деле
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Dear Developers of this great game!
Could you make a fix for long names of weapons and rings?

Some time ago I started game as Nightblade but was finished my character very quickly because too long names for weapons - I don't have widescreen monitor, just 1280x1024, and 3 names at once did not fit it in comparison. This bug is in all localizations.

Too stupid bug for great game in my opinion - is it possible to make 2 lines of names text instead of one line?

Some screens:

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