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Default Hooray

I am looking forward to this game! I would like to see randomized areas, however. Not sure if that will happen.

I pre-ordered the legendary edition, I hope you guys can have a sweet night of beer and pizza or something developing with that :P
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Thanks for your support! Now I just need to convince Medierra to let me take a lunch break.
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Lunch is for lesser developers. Eat while you work!
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Rhis - make this work, and all your lunches will be like manna from heaven! A few lunches missed now will make those you enjoy later all the better. Or so I've heard...
If all else fails, pray you aren't in a parachute....
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Hm, I think starvation is not really a good way to get productive employees.
Here's a good, cheap alternative though;

Cheap and full of fat, carbs and sugar! Everything you need to get your food-depraved slav... employees working at 110%!
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ha, you are going to give them a heart attack!
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...and Crate can't afford to lose employees at this point.
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