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Default [GrimTools] Checklist

Here's a list of features:
  • Currently the checklist includes 3 sections: devotion shrines, one-shot chests and important quests, each section shows your progress for every game difficulty.
  • Devotion shrines and one-shot chests have prerendered map previews, clicking on them will open that shrine/one-shot chest on the World Map.
  • When viewing devotion shrines, you can see whether it's a desecrated or a ruined shrine and if it's ruined then the list of offerings needed to restore it. You can click on the items to view them in the Item Database.
  • When viewing one-shot chests, you can see map previews for all spawn locations if chests have more than one possible location.
  • Quests section includes only those quests that grant attribute points and/or skill points. I don't intend to include any others.
  • The tool supports multiple profiles, they are stored in local storage of your browser, you can edit their names, add new ones and delete existing ones. When you visit the tool, it will always load your last used profile.

The tool allows you to upload your character without having to manually check everything by yourself. To do that, just click on the upload icon in the menu bar (second from the left) — a dialog will show up that explains where to find your save files and how to upload all character progress. In short, devotion shrines data is stored in save file for all difficulties, but one-shot chests and quests are located in quests files which are stored separately for each difficulty, so to upload all your char progress you'd have to provide all 4 files, there's no easier way
Please note that when you upload character data, by default it will be applied to your current profile, so make sure to switch to the correct profile or create a new one before uploading your characters.

Like all other tools it's built automatically from game resources. The only hardcoded thing is the area progression order which determines the order of one-shot chests and shrines shown in the tool. This can't be easily detected from map pathing, so I just hardcoded it.

I have a patreon account now, so you can support me there if you want:

Feel free to post any questions, suggestions and bug reports.

If you are interested in translating the tool, please refer to this thread.
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