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Default Warlock AAR/Doombolt Build

I have made an AAR/Doombolt/Devastation build and was wondering what improvements could be made. I was able to do SR65 with it. It is very squishy but incredibly satisfying.

Its a Vitality/Aether build. Squishy but massive healing. If something doesnt 1 shot me in less than 1.5s AAR heals me almost immediately. It would be nice to make it a bit tankier if possible (lol occulist/arcanist).

Any suggestions would be helpful! If i forgot or overlooked something please let me know.

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I've been sitting and theorycrafting a few AAR builds in order to decide which I should start levelling and my top contender is vit/chaos Warlock, twice the physical res if standing in the Ritual Circle (26% vs 50%).
On paper the Black Flame set seems much better than what I could squeeze out of Clairvoyant. Would love to use Gallows but can't fit it without switching Solemn Watcher to Scarab. Also considered using Scales of Ulcama instead of Revenant but again, would need to sacrifice Solemn Watcher due to its cost inefficiency and I badly need the DA.

This is my aether/vit Warlock.
I strongly suggest getting the Codex of Lies for it's massive -23% RR to aether, your amulet gives enough lifesteal I imagine. You could also max out Maiven's Sphere and Possession for more damage absorption. Personally I couldn't fit Devastation into the builds. Also Ghoul in your build isn't that amazing, all it does it grant you 18% phys res since only skills with weapon % scaling can lifesteal with effects such as that.


Both builds can be improved with some green boots and my vit/chaos could use the rare belt "Lunal'Valgoth's Waistguard" which converts fire to chaos.
But I prefer theorycrafting without greens so I know it's possible to put together without too much RNG.
Still fiddling with devotions and I know neither build benefits from Viper RR but the affinity bonuses and 3% OA is just so sweet.

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